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Jan 19, 2013 06:26 AM

Too fat and too sweet frosting:?:( and too yellow 0_0

hi! First i at most mix my frosting for 2 minutes or 1 minutes! and mine so fat and sweet i do : 140g butter 280 cornflour+powdered sugar!(3/4 sugar+1/4corn) and 2 Tablespoon milk and put it in my kenwood chef! the old titanium classic model and put at msot to 3 or 4! and it can't get food coloring! not too a bit:D i dont got much problem about it my father and all ppl does:D coz persians are competly different anyway im only person in iran hate Persian foods and like this foods:D anyway my cosuin also does wont spam my life story :S:D

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  1. Perhaps it's worth trying a different frosting, maybe a cream cheese frosting.

    As for the food colouring, I'm not sure what issue you're having. Is it too runny? Not vivid enough? Assuming you are using a liquid food colouring, I would try changing to paste or powdered so it doesn't mess with the consistency of your frosting.

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    1. re: Musie

      2 things! that was fast really ty:D
      after it gt a bit cold its amazing:O donno why but as i know a bit hot or... butter tastes to fat and sweet! anyway i only like that one:D and ye ty for helb more food coloring helped i was always scared about to many food coloring is bad for health is it? not too many i use a bit realy low:D and i tryed cream chees for red velvets this! one better

      1. re: kamranhagh

        Artificial colourings probably aren't the greatest thing to eat, but a little doesn't hurt. You could always experiment with natural colourings, like making a berry frosting.

        1. re: Musie

          i use a Toothpick! anyway
          maybe i need to decrease amount of cornflour?

    2. cut back on the sugar! easy fix. i never use as much sugar as the standard recipe suggests. i also would add some yogurt in place of the milk and some cream cheese (if you can get it, or mascarpone or something firm but tangy) to add dimension and cut the too-sweet taste.

      don't be afraid to really beat the frosting. you want peaks, so you need to incorporate plenty of air. i only have a hand mixer and i let it go longer than you do.

      you could grate in some fresh citrus zest in place of food dye. that would add a subtle color.

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      1. re: hotoynoodle

        Ok really ty! but my dad told me buy ready persian frostings! thats something near ice cream whit cream:D all u need to do is
        put some cream and sugar put freezer and mix again put fridge and mix and again till something near frosting! its not cool i hate it!:D

        1. re: kamranhagh

          anyway my probelm is if i also cut the sugar gets butter flavor and fat anda ll about frosting is almost butter icing sugar

          1. re: kamranhagh

            like i said, add another fat to cut the butter flavor, like mascarpone or even goat cheese. if you don't like it, i am not sure what else to offer. you can adjust the sugar to taste, which is what i do.

            1. re: kamranhagh

              Do you have such a thing as marshmallow fluff? If not, you can melt marshmallows and mix them into cream cheese with or without a little soft butter. That way you can control the sweetness with the amount of cream cheese.

              Otherwise, I think you need to look at recipes for Boiled Frosting or Seven-Minute Frosting ----- recipes that involve beaten egg whites. These are not as greasy as buttercream frostings can be.

              1. re: greygarious

                thanks i fixed problem! all thanks for help but if u wonna know! this was problem!
                the frostings are still fat and sweet it wasent coz of being hot
                the problem was i was mixing my frosting For a really short amout in 2 speed while i got kenwood chef classix! like at MOST 1 minute now i did put for 4 speed for 2 minutes now i feel its so soft and feels really good! Its amazing! if any other got problem i recommand mixing for a longer time -higher speed:D ^_~ ty all this site is awesome anyway can anyone tell me how much speed and how much time i need for this frosting? mine got ( 0 Min 1 2 3 4 5 6 Max! )