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Jan 19, 2013 06:06 AM

recommendation near concordia

Hi I need recommendations for lunch and dinner nearish to concordia for about 8 people for max $20 per person with tax.

all food types welcome. my mind is a blank right now. last time we went to garage beirut so preferably something else.

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  1. Boustan, Imadake, KanBai, Kim Ramen, Poulet Bronze, Qing Hua, La Soupiere, Shi Tan and Yuki Ramen.

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    1. re: EaterBob

      ya shut er down decision was made

      1. re: catroast

        What does your post mean? Very confusing!

        1. re: williej

          it means that a decision was rendered.

          1. re: catroast

            Thanks. Couldn't understand the 'ya shut er down' part of the message; the rest was clear!

    2. Avesta for yummy Turkish. They have a long table in the back that would fit 8. Well within your budget.

      1. Antep Kebab for Turkish grills
        La Maison Bulgogi for Korean
        Thali for Indian

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        1. re: marblebag

          lunch for 8 at antep kebab would take about 5 hours

          1. re: marblebag

            And good luck finding 8 empty seats at Thali, nevermind 8 seats together.

            Go to one of the Chinese places with large round tables, like PM (Pret-a-manger), and maybe call ahead if you're going right at lunch or dinner hour.

          2. Two of the most recent ones (if you’re still interested): GaNaDaRa and Misoya.