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Jan 19, 2013 05:10 AM

Corner Grille Pizza in Worcester AKA Wormtown or Wootown

A few years back, friends had a dinner party and ordered Corner Grille pizza. I recall the amazing fresh toppings and the lovely super thin almost lavash style crust. Last night, after an exhausting week, I took a break from clean eating and called in an order. I asked how many pizzas would serve two and was told to order two. My daughter wanted spinach, artichoke and feta. I ordered a plain with super light cheese. When I arrived and saw how much pizza was in the boxes I was stunned. The girl at the counter told me they equal two slices of bread and that she always eats a whole one. We barely did but wow, this stuff is good. I love this pizza more than traditional. For my cheat night, it was pizza bliss. The price was 30 and change before tip.

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  1. Super-thin indeed, and great right out of the oven -- but if you live more than a few minutes away, some of the magic is gone by the time you get home. Reheated, it's certainly still tasty, but a bit heavy/oily on the palate.

    I really (really!) miss Flats, which had the best pizza the Woo has ever seen. I think my favorite is at Via.

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      I'm with you...I miss flats almost weekly. I also agree that via's pizza is a good one. I'm looking forward to the place opening on shrewsbury street, although who knows when.

      Anyone tried 2ovens in white city? I've heard good things but haven't gotten there yet.

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        We go to Via often...will try their pizza. Tonight, we are off to Il Forno in W. Boylston. I hope it's delish!

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          RE: 2 Ovens:
          A large group of us went there a couple of days after the opening. I'd have to say it was really outstanding. The pizza oven is ~700°F with a rotating disk inside, so pizzas cook in 2 min with awesome char. Nice and thin....quality ingredients. Good beer selections and some excellent entrees/sandwiches made in the other oven. The roasted pistachios with lemon/rosemary/chili were positively addictive!

          The amazing thing is, they ONLY have those 2 fryer, no everything is made in those ovens, even burgers! The chef came and spoke to us for a while. He said while they were creating the menu they had to keep thinking about how they would make this sauce or that sauce since they had to do everything in the oven. Even the simple syrup for the bar is made in there!! The place is just full of roasty goodness! :)

          Here is my post from that replies yet!!

      2. I'm with you, Phelana....awesome pizza there! I've posted a couple of time about it too.