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Jan 18, 2013 11:20 PM

Yummy Lox in Vancouver

Where is the best lox you guys had? The best I've had is at Max's Deli so far.

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  1. Spring Salmon Lox from Finest at Sea on Granville Island-they have a store on Arbutus as well.

    1. i'll take note of what Sam has recommended and one day hope to make it over there - locations in Vanc and Victoria, according to website ---

      i often shop at the supermarket - as it's not handy for me to make several stops - in any event, i do buy one from the refridge/deli section in that flat package with gold cardboard on the back that i think is decent enuf.

      tho still in my food-memory - the BEST lox i have ever had was was from the Cowichan Valley (Duncan BC) farmer market ... i think the commercial fisher was / is from Saltspring (which is easily accessed from Crofton in the Cowichan Valley) (also look for hazelnuts (filberts) and the Venturi Schultz balsamic)

      what makes Lox the BEST of all Best for you? for me, no fishy taste - that dreaded fishy smell / taste that i don't think indicates the freshest of the bestest.

      i would say overall - subtle - I still want to know it was a sea-swimming beautiful BC salmon

      no to the sweetened, oily, smokey - we don't like the hot smoke candy treatment or too oily or that heavily smoked (think of how a home that has a woodburning fireplace chimney smells - ugh) kind of flavour that some well-intended neighbors subject their catch to. And those non-refrig pkgs that proliferate the duty-free? i know if we get that type of product in a gift basket or otherwise, it generally becomes a big treat for the gulls n crows. and that's not a pub name ; )

      is there a refrigerated grocery store product that anyone recommends?

      ps - if anyone goes up to Roberts Creek BC - the product at Sharkey's is really good too. website http://sharkeysfishlocker.squarespace...

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      1. The best I've had is from an eastern European fish store in San Franscisco. But locally, the finest at sea is pretty damn good. They usually have off-cuts as well (little bags full of the trimmings) which is a great deal.