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Jan 18, 2013 11:12 PM

Labeling cheeses on a cheese plate

Here's my question: do you have a system by which you identify the cheeses you've laid out on a cheese board?

If it's just you and less than a few people, it's easy enough to congregate around the cheeses, have a few beverages and describe them. However, if you are laying out a multitude of cheeses for a multitude of people, do you strive to identify the cheeses in any way?

I usually do try to identify the cheeses, at least in name, for a couple reasons. First, and most commonly, I will be approached and asked what fabulous cheese my guest just had. If it's written down they can take better note of it and not bother me at the same time. Secondly, a lot of cheeses looks similar but have very different tastes, so such a practice helps people get something they like. Finally, it just keeps me from repeating the same thing over and over (and over and over, especially if we're drinking, which is always).

Like I said, for small groups that are hanging around a common area I won't label the cheeses, as I will generally be available to identify and discuss. For larger groups, however, I like to label the cheese with at least a common name and sometimes an origin. A few years back I made cheese flags with toothpicks, paper and tape. Now I use ceramic. Either way, if I can't be there to discuss, I at least like to have them labeled.

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  1. I regularly do several cheese trays with three cheeses per. IDing comes from a computer printout that I create and cut up (yeah, kickin' it old school). I then put the piece of paper near the cheese it IDs on the table. Not perfect but easily updatable and changeable. Also leaves me with a neat archive of all the cheeses I've served and when.

    I include the cheese name, provenance, style, history and sometimes what kind of beverage it goes best with.

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      See, I've thought of doing that, but I fear information overload with my usual crowd. I have always taken a more simplistic approach. I can definitely see the value in your way, though...especially when serving as much cheese and people you are as compared to my paltry parties...

    2. I totally get that my guests are going to skew the population here....

      but I basically never label - I'm in France, so everyone can pretty much identify cheeses by class at a glance (hard, soft, chevre, bleu, Brie, etc.)

      The only time I've ever labeled was once when doing a Brie flight for visitors (7 kinds of Brie....and the labels were to keep ME straight, too).

      1. i define cheeses, but might not label depending on the circumstances.

        1. Or stick the label on the plate.

          1. I rarely bother to identify cheeses. I just explain what they are if people ask.

            You can buy reusable cheese tags, but I don't like things that you have to stick in a cheese. They are fine, if you're reasonably sure that all of that wheel/piece will be eaten, but when cheese is left over, it's better if there isn't a hole in the rind. A solution is to buy some tag holders at a restaurant supply store. They come in various sizes and heights and have a split ring at the top, like the one that some key chains have. You can then make up a card on stiff paper for each cheese, with just the name of the cheese, or with as much information as you want to put on it, and slip the card onto the holder, which you can put on top of, or next to, the cheese.

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              a folded index card works too (and is really inexpensive). I would never stick holes in the cheese!