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Jan 18, 2013 10:26 PM

Need advice for stuffing pennoni. so many questions.

My girlfriend went to the store to buy giant shells to stuff, but they were out. She ended up with some pennoni. They seem large enough to stuff and bake, but I'm not sure what the best method is. I haven't made mannicotti before, so I'm sort of lost. We plan on stuffing them with a ricotta\sourcream\choppedgrlic\basil mixture that we use as pizza sauce. We also bought some Italian sausage. I made some basic marinara yesterday to use tonight, to top them with before putting in the oven.

Should we par cook them and finish in the oven? If cooking to al dente, should we cold shock them? I've read that it can remove starch is vital to maribara absorbtion. Should we boil them until they are just barely cooked, then cool and stuff them and finish them in the oven? Should we mix raw sausage into the ricotta mix or incorporate sausage cooked or uncooked into the sauce? I am lost!

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  1. You would cook them the same way you cook large shells.
    Be aware that they are open on both ends so your filling needs to be tighter.
    As far as "maribara absorbtion" I have never heard of such a thing.
    The Sausage should be cooked before incorporating it into filling. If you add it to the sauce you can go either way but if you cook it in the sauce you need to do a lot of skimming to remove the excess fat.

    1. Wish I could get pennoni where I shop! I would cook the sausage first and then add an egg to your filling mixture as a binder. I do that when making cannelloni and I don't have any issues with spooging. Don't overlook the pasta. A good combination when baking such a dish is using a bed of tomato sauce, then top with b├ęchamel.

      1. Yeah we ended up just cooking and cooling the sausage, and mixing it into the ricotta with an egg like dc88 said. We left the noodles pretty hard and just cooked them with sauce beneath and on top under some foil for 15 minutes, then removed the foil and topped with breadcrumbs and some cheese and butter to finish for another 20 or so. Turned out great! I'll have to try some beschamel on top. Its hard enough to get my girlfriend to eat red sauce if any kind, and that might help. I think she just got turned off by too many cans of Hunts.

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          Glad it worked out, sounds like you had the right technique. I know what you mean about the red sauce. My wife gets sick of it and insists on doing her favorite, the b├ęchamel. If you haven't made one, it's really easy.