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Jan 18, 2013 09:23 PM

Report on a great 'Wild Dover Sole' dish from Yang's

Just came back from an enjoyable dinner at Yang's.
Had a popular Cantonese fish dish "骨香龍利球 ( Stir Fried Fillets of Dover Sole - served on crispy bones ) that was executed flawlessly and surprisingly good! Perfectly sauteed giant Dover Sole fish filet accompanied by a medley of asparagus, wild mushrooms and yellowing chives served on top of a greaseless fish bone carcass that was fried to super crispy and crunchy. Seldom can one devour an entire wild Dover Sole with almost no bones left!! Guess tonight, their kitchen was really on top of their game!
$58 for the dish, a bit expensive by Chinese food standard, but IMO worth every single penny!

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