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Jan 18, 2013 08:34 PM

Anywhere in Toronto for inexpensive/bulk pearl onions?

Have a Greek stew recipe which calls for lots of pearl onions - making it for a crowd becomes outrageously expensive if one buys at Loblaws or other supermarkets. Anywhere to find them inexpensively? If frozen are cheaper, as some earlier threads suggest, where might one find them nowdays?


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  1. Not in Toronto but I get large bags of frozen ones from MacMillan farms out in Ajax.

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    1. re: sbug206

      Thanks for the tip - but don't you mean Acton? or is there another similar store in Ajax?

      1. re: Bigtigger

        Yeah there is another store out in Ajax. Very strange it's not listed on the website. Yet there's another website with the same logo and the address of the other one. Family dispute perhaps? The one in Ajax is the one I've been to.

      2. re: sbug206

        they do have them at the Acton location of MacMillans, I get them there most often. But I also picked up once a frozen bag at I want to say Metro or perhaps Freshco....can't remember for the life of me!