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Last minute trip, help please

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So I just booked 4 day trip for the end of the month. I'm going with a friend who will be attending a conference during the day. I'm a very adventurous eater and am willing to try anything. I don't like to dress up, alcohol isn't important, and I tend to favor local hole in the wall type places. I'll need breakfast, lunch, and maybe a snack.

I'll be having dinner with my buddy each night. He's mostly an unadventurous eater, would be perfectly happy with OutBack, Chili's etc. I'm looking for something that we could both enjoy without taking him too far from his comfort zone. He does really like craft beers if there any good places to eat that have a nice beer selection. We'd like to spend no more than $40 each total but less is better.

I'll admit I haven't done much research yet other than a quick glance at the board, Any help would be appreciated!

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  1. Let us know what area you're staying in and if you'll have transportation, Phoenix is a huge metropolitan area. And having a car is advised.

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      Sorry about that, I'll be staying in Scottsdale, will have a car, and don't mind driving an hour or more. It'll be my first visit so I'm really not opposed to just driving around to a few good spots during the day and just checking out the city.

    2. Delux
      Four Peaks
      The Lost Leaf

      1. The wait is long. I've never been to this place myself.

        BUT - the reviews are huge and this is the guy Nancy Silverton of La Brea Bakery hoped to MAYBE match with her pizza.


        In Phoenix.

        If I was ever in the area - and I may be in March - I'd go.

        1. Four Peaks Brewing Company has three locations. One is in a strip mall in Scottsdale and one is a tasting room without a kitchen. The original location in Tempe has the best atmosphere. The food is very good (love the fries).
          Fate Brewing in Scottsdale has nice pizzas and salads.

          1. Brat Haus on Scottsdale Rd, Pomo or Grazie Pizza, Davanti for Italian, drive east to Hwy 51 for Richardson's New Mexico.

            For Breakfast in scottsdale, Dottie's or Herb Box in old town are nice. or Eddie Matney is doing a farmer's market Brunch on Sunday's if you're here over the weekend.

            1. Was hoping to get some help with my list, what to order and if any of the places aren't worth of being on the list.

              Pane Bianco or Bianco Pizza

              Chino Bandido- not sure if this is worth being on the list

              La Grande Orange Grocery, very least I'll try the english muffin

              Essence Bakery, everything looks good here

              Elote if I do a day trip to Sedona

              La Condesa Gourmet Taco Shop- found this on Yelp, not sure what to order, is it really good, or just really good for Phoenix? (don't see much talk of Mexican food on here).

              Fry Bread somewhere

              I found uhockey's blog and that has been a big help as well. I'm hoping to add two more under $20 casual places to my list.

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                At Pizzeria Bianco, my favorite pies are the Margherita and Wiseguy.

                Chino Bandido is good in a quirky way, not a destination place like Bianco, but if you're going to go I would recommend either the Jerk and Emerald Chickens, but most people prefer the Jade Red.

                LGO, never been a fan, and if you're going to Bianco no need to get a pie here, so if you end up LGO I would recommend one of their burgers, which you can get on the English muffins.

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                  Chino Bandido has delicious food and an uncommon restaurant concept. The Jade Red Chicken and Chinese BBQ Pork are excellent choices. They give you samples if you're a first-time visitor, so you can have a good idea of what you'll like before ordering.

                  La Grande Orange has great pizza and gelato. It's worth a stop for either.

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                    You want The Fry Bread House on 7th Avenue. It's a dive but the food IMHO is very good and affordable.

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                      Bianco may have a wait, if you are in a time crunch Pomo or The Parlour depending on where you are at are also great, along with LGO pizza and wings - they have a sourdough crust so it is unique

                      chino bandido is not worth going to, it is cheap mexican and cheap chinese in one place...not special at all IMO

                      Carolina's by the airport is pretty well known for divey good Mexican - dicey neightborhood and cash only

                      Essence gets high marks I have not been, but wouldnt hesistate recommending them based

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                        The fry bread at Fry Bread House on 7th Ave north of Indian School is outstanding, but lately I've been enamored with The Stand on Alma School a hair south of Indian School out on the Pima-Maricopa reservation. It's a very rustic roadside stand. How rustic, you ask? The structure is made of mesquite branches with saguaro rib walls, and a chicken wire/palm thatch roof. The menu has on it red or green chili, beans and cheese, or Indian tacos with ground beef or chili, all on your choice of either their excellent frybread or one of the best tortillas in the state. There's also red or white menudo, and two kinds of cake for dessert. Tricky parts are that they're only open for weekday lunch, and are cash only. Official hours are 11am-4pm, but sometimes they get a late start and don't open until some time past noon, and if they run out of food, they pack up and head home early.