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Jan 20, 2006 10:41 AM

Looking for cheap Reno buffets!

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I'm ski bumming it in the reno/tahoe area this winter and i'm looking for some insight on where i can get a CHEAP buffet in reno of south lake tahoe. I'm poor so price is key, not quality. As long as it won't give me the runs.

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  1. Circus Circus is probably the king of cheap buffets in Reno. Jay Leno's joke is that Circus Circus' lunch was $1.99 for all you could hold down. I haven't eaten at a Circus Circus buffet in more than a decade. Other than that, the only cheap buffet I can think of is at Baldini's in Sparks, where they often have two-for-one deals.
    Can't help you with Stateline.

    1. If you like Indian food, the Indian Curry & Kebob Restaurant has a great lunch buffet $6.95. It's close to Virginia & Vassar. It's excellent!

      1. Yes, I agree that the Curry and Kebab buffet is worth going to, and a great deal. But stay away from the Circus Circus buffet!

        1. The best buffet is the Friday night seafood one at the Peppermill. But you said cheap. What is cheap?