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Jan 18, 2013 07:32 PM

Sat Early Dinner or Late Repast Near the Copley Hall

Going to see Jackson Browne solo at the Copley Symphony Hall on Saturday, January 26. I think the show starts at 7:30. I will be with my dad and his wife, 81 and 80. He has hearing issues and she has mobility issues, so no cacophony and no stairs and easy drop-off. We are coming down from Solano Beach.

Looking for suggestions before and/or after. An early light dinner or nosh beforehand, and/or maybe a nosh and dessert after -- probably between 10 and 11. Not too familiar with the area -- directions and proximity helpful.

Thanks, and I'll report back.

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  1. Prado (inside Balboa Park)
    Bertrand at Mister A's
    Oceanaire (if you don't mind a chain).

    All have easy ingress/egress, and an atmosphere conducive to those of us who are of a more seasoned age.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      Thanks, ipse. Do you have a favorite? I'll investigate their websites.

      Are you between San Diego and L.A. these days? Where in SD?

      1. re: nosh

        Given all of your parameters (parent's age, mobility, area, food, scene, etc.), I would try the Prado first. It's a lovely setting and a place I think your parents would appreciate and enjoy.

        I'm in/around downtown San Diego ... not too far from the Copley Symphony Hall.

    2. I'll also mention Cafe Chloe and Cowbody Star, both are Downtown favorites around a half mile south of Copley Symphony Hall on 10th and G

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          That was my hesitation in not recommending them, esp. Cowboy Star.

      1. I would dine at the lounge at the Grant Grill at the US Grant Hotel...gorgeous and quiet with a lovely menu and drinks..easy access with valet and close to the Copley Hall.
        Grant Grill is wonderful too.

        Another option is the Westgate hotel next door at either the Plaza bar or Westgate Room..lovely, quiet and perfect before you see Jackson Browne.

        Ipsy has some great choices.

        Acoustics are fab at Copley and love that you are taking your 80+ parents!