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Jan 18, 2013 07:17 PM

Best House Made Charcuterie at restaurant in GTA 2013

Lots of chefs now make their own charcuterie judging by displays of hanging meats at Richmond Station and Cabin (Hockley Valley Resort) among others. But with Black Hoof getting yet another new head chef and some restaurants outsourcing their charcuterie, where can one now eat the best charcuterie made in house? I used to adore Nota Bene, Harbord Room and Cowbell boards - just haven't been lately. Help update me, please? Just waiting for Crown Cooks to open. Enoteca Sociale has Crown Salumi board on their menu...

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  1. Some places to comment upon if you've been recently: Bar Salumi (Local Kitchen), Mercatto Eaton Centre, Gabardine, Cava, Stone Road Grille (NOTL), etc.

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      Had Local Kitchen charcuterie last week as part of Ass in Seat tasting menu. Some nice offerings but nothing outstanding. Holding out hope for a visit to Black Hoof eventually.

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        You've actually tasted Jesse Grasso's charcuterie? Or are they still serving Brandon's?

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          It's not just the chef who makes all the charcuterie...

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            Yeah I was there the other week. The board was great.

        2. Earth/Globe restaurants make their own, with an interesting variety of sausages, pates, and other preparations under the heading of Pig Bits, which change weekly. The platters are nicely sized, small and large being 8 and 16 respectively. In terms of value, Earth Bloor West has them at half price during their daily happy hour (every day) form 4 to 6. Usually the large platter will include a game pate, a few pieces of pork belly, some sausage, and something else (crackling, head cheese, schmaltz, etc) together with cornichons, mustards, breads and other seasonal pickled veg.

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            I had the Swine and Dine $14 brunch plate today with "6 types of pork and plenty of toast" which came with 5 pork (crackling was missing) including housemade peameal, bacon, sausage, creton, and fried pork belly; and two small slices of toast cut into total of 4 triangles. All the meat was greige-colour with unimpressive taste/texture. Ugh. I won't be back to try anything else! Also, the worst $4 cappuccino in the city and that's saying a lot! And service is definitely not up to par.

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              The swine and dine is not the charcuterie plate. Might have some crackling or creton, but not the other bits. Have had the plate, which changes weekly, numerous times.

              If you have a fault with the service, they are pretty quick with a comped glass of wine. Just mention it.

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                Their meat was so bad that I couldn't imagine going back for charcuterie.

                I did complain gently a couple of times - was given free bread which arrived long after I wanted to eat it (meat was cold by then).

          2. I purposely ordered charcuterie at Stone Road Grille and Mercatto Eaton Centre in the past couple of days. SRG's former sous chef is now the new head chef and is keeping up consistent quality overall. Lots of variety and textures on the charcuterie plate. SRG highlights: ham (phenomenal flavour and texture), silky chicken pate, and grains of paradise salami. It's not a perfect plate - lardo on toast points was a bit sinewy and not as melt-in-the-mouth as hoped. Several other types of meats and pickles are included.

            Mercatto has only 2 meats right now: veneto (wetter texture) and cacciatore (hunter's style, flower shape). $4 for single meat if you don't want the whole $16 cheese/meat platter. Mercatto's meats have a more traditional European taste and look and are made in-house.

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              Last night I had a meat and cheese platter (3 of each, plus various condiments and pickles and crunchy bread products) at Mercatto Eaton Centre. What a gong show. The cheeses were too hard, the meats were curling. Who pre slices or doesn't store their meats and cheeses properly? Boo.

            2. Heard that Crown Cooks might open early March.

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                The actual name will be Bar Isabel. (Not Crown Cooks)

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                  are you sure? a craigslist post from like a week ago said that crown cooks is opening mid march and hiring foh


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                    Bar Isabel with Spanish pinchos is slated to open end of March. Fingers crossed.

                    In the meantime, I get my weekly fix at Cheese Boutique who sell 3 types of Crown Salumi meats (beef or water buffalo bresaola and beef carpaccio).

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                      I hit that place up for a private party on Friday...
                      Great food, they had a ton of apps like deviled eggs w/blood sausage and hollandaise, ceviche, fresh oysters, fried chicken, a whole pig, and a monster slab of prosciutto they were just shaving off...I believe alot of what they were putting out was really for the party so am not sure about what will and won't be on the main menu..I was speaking to the owner Grant from the black hoof and he is going to be opening this week i mentioned above i think he's doing the Spanish thing
                      Room looks wicked too, looking forward to going back :)