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Jan 18, 2013 05:59 PM

Girlfriend's weekend in Atlanta

We are surprising a girlfriend who lives in Georgia with a weekend in Atlanta for her birthday. We need breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner places for our foodie friend. And, recommendations for museums, walking tours, and any non-touristy specialty places, i.e. best cheese shop, best dessert, nicest hike, etc., you may have. This is for March. Thanks.

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  1. Any discussion of non food recommendations is not allowed on CH and will be deleted by the moderators. In regard to the food part of your question, I think you will get better information if you can provide more detail about where in Atlanta you are staying, where in Atlanta you will be eating, what kind of food, atmosphere, price point, etc.

    You might also want to read through the many existing posts, you will probably find much useful information that already exists.

    1. use, go to the atlana forum, theyll be very helpful.For a uique old time breakfast go to the silver skillet.We just went to bocado and had am incredible lobster roll--they only make 20 on saturdays and are generally out of them by 8. Empire state south is very good and trendy.I like Priccis for italan-and steak is either McKendricks or Bones--as a qiurky lunch you could go thru the varsity drive in and have the car hops get your food.Its not foodie, but my fav is the chilidog with fried pie and onion rings and an orange drink BTW the Buckhead diner is excellent--its not really diner food, but thats the decor.I love the brpoiled fish there, veal meatloaf is outstanding, as are trhe blue cheese chip appetizers have fun