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Jan 18, 2013 05:14 PM

New to Williamsburg!

Greetings, Brooklyners!

I'm new to Williamsburg and a friend suggested I try out Chowhoubd to find out more about the options in the neighborhood. What do you recommend?


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    1. Williamsburg is a decent neighborhood for food: lots of above-average spots, but only a few really outstanding places. It's good to have a nice variety within walking/ordering distance, but for some cuisines (see starred categories), you'll really need to venture elsewhere to find superior food.

      Asian*: Sensation (Chinese), Sea (Thai), nha toi (Vietnamese), Bistro Petit (Korean-ish), Dokebi (Korean BBQ), Taj (Indian)
      Australian: Five Leaves
      Barbecue: Fette Sau
      Breakfast: Egg
      Brunch: Diner
      Burger: Allswell
      Contemporary / New American: Marlow & Sons
      Deli (Italian): Graham Ave. Deli
      French: Le Barricou
      Gastropub: St. Anselm
      Italian*: Aurora
      Japanese*: 1 or 8 (Sushi), Ramen Yebisu (Ramen), Zenkichi (Izakaya), Samurai Mama (Udon)
      Mexican: Mesa Coyoacan (upscale), Mexico 2000
      Modernist: Gwynnett St.
      Middle Eastern*: Cafe Mogador (Moroccan), Zizi Limona
      Pizza*: Forcella (Neapolitan), Williamsburg Pizza (New York)
      Sandwiches: Saltie
      Seafood: Maison Premiere
      South American: El Almacen (Argentinean), Tabare (Uruguayan), Chimu (Peruvian), Caracas (Venezuelan)
      Southern: Pies n Thighs
      Spanish: Cadaques
      Steak: Peter Luger's
      Tasting Menu: Aska

      Cliffs Notes: If i had to pick 5 must-try's from the above list, they'd be, in no particular order:

      1. Aska
      2. Gwynnett St.
      3. Maison Premiere
      4. Peter Luger's
      5. Fette Sau