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Jan 18, 2013 04:56 PM

Aged Mahon Mitica - what to do with it?

I just picked up a little wedge of this at WF today as they were sampling it. Besides eating it --- and I have NO problem with that :) --- and grating over pasta, any suggestions of what else to do with it. And what kind of pairings (food or wine)? I've already shaved off a few slices for nibbling :) TIA.

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  1. Mahón is something of a "sleeper" cheese in the US, even for Spanish cheeses. It doesn't get the attention that some other Spanish cheeses do, but it is definitely worth a try. It is sold at several points of aging. Some people prefer a less aged version, and some a more aged one.

    An aged Mahón is an assertive cheese: sharp and tangy/lemony. I'd probably keep it as a table cheese, although there are recipes for it, including a curious one from Gourmet Magazine for Mahón ice cream!

    Pairings: Membrillo (Spanish quince paste) or dried fruit, such as figs. I've don't recall ever having had this cheese with wine, but Spanish reds with a lot of fruit would be my first thought. Recommendations from various books I own include Spanish tempranillo-based wines, Pinot Noir, Madeira, tawny port, off-dry sherry, red Bordeaux and even whites like Chardonnay and Grüner Veltliner. The last two, however, might go better with a younger Mahón than the one you have.


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      Thanks for your help! I think it's terrific. It 'shaves' off quite thinly and I'm just going to enjoy it that way. I think I'll pass on the ice cream :)

    2. Similar to a very well aged Fiscalini San Joachim Gold. go to Fiscalini website and many suggestions for this type of medium strength, almost grating hardness cheese will be suggested to you.
      If a wine drinker, this product both the Mahon and the SJ Gold can be served beautifully with a sweet wine, as a Menorcan Moscatel ( Mahon is from Menorca ).