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Jan 18, 2013 04:49 PM

Philly 'hound Going to Santa Barbara Film Festival

Excited to be visiting your fair city for the premiere of a short film shot in my town.

Will be there Friday through Tuesday eating mainly solo. For me, reasonably-priced freshly prepared food usually hits the spot. Food trumps atmosphere.

My daughter, the epicurious oenophile, may come down from Oakland to join me over the weekend. So a fine-dining recommendation would also be appreciated -- or some place to kick it up a notch.

Staying at the Hotel Santa Barbara and would like to be within walking distance. Interested in your suggestions for tasty, not heavy, lunches and dinners.


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  1. You should re-post this on the California Board to get more responses.

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    1. re: wienermobile

      Thank you. Will do!

      Have you any thoughts?

      1. re: Seeker19104

        My favorite was also Julia Child's favorite, La Super Rica. Cash only and closed Wednesdays. Very very casual.
        622 North Milpas Street Santa Barbara, CA 93103

    2. my favorites are:

      The Chase: good drinks and great food. Red leather booths and calamari piccata.

      buchon: lots of great wine and wonderful owner.

      Scarlett Begonia- Joel Huff is now in charge and great things that were, are even better.

      Wine Cask & Intermezzo- always reliable for great food and drinks.

      Andersons on State for coffee and pastry, breakfast...nice courtyard and wonderful shops surround this staple.

      Everything is going to be BUSY and lots of specials will abound.

      Try out the harbor on Sat am if possible, great breakfast available- the name escapes me, but its the first place upon entering the harbor- Sambos across the street and still ocean view is also great (with cocktails)....take a nice walk east or west on the beach and then stay for lunch- trolley bus will take you up and down State street for less than a dollar.

      enjoy your visit!

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      1. re: OldJalamaMama

        Thanks for your advice!

        Having specials and busy (people around) is great for dining solo.

        Harbor on Saturday sounds lovely...

        1. re: OldJalamaMama

          forgot to mention the Museum Cafe- a great place to have a bite and a coffee. Great gift shop to browse as well.

          1. re: OldJalamaMama

            The Chase on State is one of my all time fave's and the Calamari Piccata is one of the best things ever..its like abalone and sublime.

          2. well I hate to be a bummer but good luck. i'm an ex-philly transplant who lived in santa barbara for six years ... philly food blows away anything you will find in SB. that said I will offer a few opinions ... reaunaulds is french + super delish and across the street from the arlington theatre amazing omlets / alchemy arts center offers upscale healthy cuisine in a breathtakingly beautiful atmosphere where you can also get a facial or massage / julienne is farm to table very very good / downey's is consistent / olio e limone for yummy italian / cava in montecito is great mexican cuisine

            good luck and enjoy the beautiful weather !!!

            1. Cadiz is a good spot on lower State near your hotel. Address is 509 State. it's a Spanish Tapas restaurant with a pretty lively bar scene later in the night. The rest of lower State leans more touristy and twenty something bar scene. Further up State, Julienne's is wonderful (probably best restaurant in town) as well as Hungry Cat on Chapala. If you are alone they both have a bar where you can eat. For very casual Italian we like Olio Pizza and again they have a friendly bar you can perch and eat. I second La Superica on Milpas and just had great mole burritos at Romanti-Ezer at 701 Chapala.

              For coffee you are very close to French Press-best coffee place in town. They are on Anacapa and Cota a block or two from your hotel. They also have a place on State and Figueroa. Another good breakfast place is Crushcakes on Arlington st. Just down from the Arlington Theatre.

              1. How is the Festival so far? Please be sure to report on your staya dn what worked best for you! ENJOY & Cheers!