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Jan 18, 2013 04:25 PM

Favorite items in an iceberg salad...

...besides the classic wedge?

I like iceberg. So sue me. Chickpeas, croutons, hearts of palm, cucumbers, tomatoes—sturdy things mainly, not my typical fruit-cheese-nut approach I use with more delicate greens. Plus, a creamy dressing, like French, never vinaigrette.


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  1. I like the Cobb Salad preparation for Iceberg lettuce.

    1. Six days out of seven in my childhood we had a salad of lettuce, either iceberg or iceberg mixed with red, thinly sliced sweet onion, bell pepper, carrot, celery, and tomato (unless in the dead of winter, in which case tomatoes became indelible), sometimes augmented with sliced cucumber and/or avocado, braised celery root, artichoke hearts. Dressing was always 3:1 olive oil and red wine vinegar, sometimes with crumbled bleu cheese. I still make it often. It always came after the main course and was dressed at the table and tossed. Some of my fondest memories are of mopping the last bit of dressing with a thin piece of rye or, when we lived in the Bay Area, Larrabaru's sourdough.

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      1. re: tim irvine

        Braised celery root sounds so fancy (and delicious) in this context.

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          Thank you for that. What a lovely memory to share!

          Wasn't iceberg it for grocery store lettuce until about 1980? I remember eating iceberg salad almost every day as a kid, too, and it had to be with Good Seasons Italian dressing that you made from the envelope in a shaker.

          I am a sucker for a wedge with Thousand Island. I also do a shameless iceberg salad that's got lots of chopped cauliflower, bacon and parm plus a tangy mayo based dressing. I could eat that by the bucket full.

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            We started finding red leaf lettuce in the Seattle area around. 1970. I am with you on the wedge. I do mine with minced onion, diced red bell pepper and tomato, chopped bacon, and a mix of Ranch, chunks of blue cheese, and a little vinegar. I could et several in a sitting.

        2. My perfect? Iceberg, bacon, onions, tomatoes, nuts - definitely. Liking the hearts of palm and crouton additions. Maybe toss in some grilled chicken?

          Dressing - don't really like at all. I'm all about a good coating of salt.

          1. I like iceberg too. I love hearts of palm. Cucumbers, tomatoes, shredded carrots are staples for me. I like to add baby corn or artichoke hearts if I have them on hand.

            Dressings are usually a ranch or I like Newman's Sesame Ginger.

            Growing up, my mom always made salad with iceberg and we always had french or russian dressing. Never had ranch until I went to college!

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              Another thing I like with iceberg is finely shredded or diced red cabbage. Makes the salad extra crunchy.

            2. I love other greens, but love iceberg. It's the go to for taco salad and mixed with Romaine in many other salads, the past month it's been Cobb.