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Jan 18, 2013 04:18 PM

Dinner before Folger Theatre show for 8?

Ok, here's a stumper: where should a group of 8 NYC and San Francisco hounds eat before an 8 pm show at the Folger Theatre?

The kicker is that it's for Saturday, Feb 2, which doesn't give us a lot of lead time on reservations.

We're a group of food-loving, adventurous eaters. Upscale or downscale is fine as long as the food is great and the logistics work. We currently have a reservation at Ambar, but since it just opened it feels a bit risky to eat there so soon.


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  1. Bistro Cacao (Mass near Union Station)

    1. Art and Soul on NJ Ave, a nice walk past Capitol grounds.

      Billed as Oprah's chef, this has emerged as a very interesting fusion between haute and soul. Check out the menu on line.

      1. If you want super super close, go with Sonoma, only a bit over a block away.

        After that, your decent choices are to walk 6-8 blocks north and west, or about the same distance south and east.

        NW (near Union Station), I'd go with Bistro Bis or Bistro Cacao. To the SE, Montmartre or the Chesapeake Room. Suna is getting some rave early attention, but it's also just opened.

        1. Tune Inn - greasy burgers and cold PBR's is my favorite pre-Folger meal.

          1. Bistro Cacao is very good. I also like Art and Soul. There are so many new restaurants on 8th Street...I use to work there 4 years ago and all there was was a Subway. Out of all the new places I've only tried Zest and found it to be a good neighborhood spot---but maybe not a destination location.

            Also there is a new Hank's Oyster Bar near Eastern Market. I love their Dupont location so this might be a good choice. PLUS you can get one of Gina's amazing cocktails there.