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Jan 18, 2013 04:17 PM

Best pub for grub

Coming down to Baltimore from Philly and looking for a good pub, not a chain with great crab cake sandwiches.

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  1. Do you have a neighborhood where you can narrow your search? You can search the site for the crab cake argument, but a pub request seems like you might have a local experience in mind. Where will you be?

    1. Federal Hill: Bluegrass Tavern
      Fells Point: Henninger's Tavern or Peter's Inn
      Mt. Vernon: Brewer's Art

      Crab season is over so anything you buy will be made with either Gulf crabs (okay) or Asian crabs (not okay).

      1. thanks for the come back. we'll be staying in inner harbor but going to a show in rosedale which i think is about 4 miles away.

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          All of these are a short cab ride from the Inner Harbor.

        2. I personally like Thames Street Oyster House on Thames St. in Fells Point. You can either eat downstairs in the bar or make a reservation to sit in the upper restaurant area. Also, peter's inn in upper fells has some pretty decent reviews as well.