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Jan 18, 2013 04:08 PM

persian catering to piedmont

Help! We live in Ventura, our daughter lives in Pacifica. She is getting married july 2013 at the Piedmont Hall. She wants Persian food and we are on a very tight budget. I have read lots of reviews of Alborz...but Im not sure (& I havent checked yet to see if they even cater) All my Iranian relatives will be there so I really want a good place that we can afford to have cater her wedding. I know there are 2 big places in SF but I dont know if it would be too much to have them deliver across the bridge and cater. I think it would be easier to find something in the Piedmont/berkeley area . Can anyone help? I am officially freaking out!!

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  1. Not sure if this cafe is still under the same ownership, but it would be one place to check on:

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      i was last there in the summer and it was the same owners. only been for lunch (sandwiches, burgers) so haven't tried their Persian stuff.

    2. Zand does catering. Their food's really good.

      I don't think Alborz is that great.