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Jan 18, 2013 04:01 PM

Dinner with the Boss, Westside

My boss has asked my husband and me to have dinner with him and his wife. He asked if there was anywhere I'd like to go (and I think he wasn't just being polite, I think would actually like to hear what we would like). Our office is in Santa Monica and they live in Marina del Rey, so I was thinking Santa Monica or Venice. I love Gjleina, but it's WAY too loud for this type of dinner. Do you think the Tasting Kitchen would be a good option? I haven't been - is it business-appropriate (i.e not crazy noisy, and with at least a few over-50 patrons)?

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  1. You should also consider Fig. Sound just like what you are looking for.

    or Tar and Roses. Both Farm to Table cuisine in Santa Monica.

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        I've been to Fig a couple times - you're right, it might be a good fit...

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          Fig is perfect. Nice, good food, not too loud, good mix of people, and not crazy expensive.

        2. I love JiRaffe, and I've had several business dinners there. Venice restaurants tend to be loud in my experience.

          1. Wilshire. I've been twice (for pleasure, not work) and think it would work well for a business dinner (esp if you ask for a booth, although I hear the patio is lovely). Relatively quiet, above-average food that's still bland enough to appeal to just about anyone, unobtrusive service, pricey but not ridiculously so (I think about the range of the restaurants you've listed), and the clientele ranged from 20-60 when I went there. There's decent street parking, but there's also a valet/parking lot.

            Never been to the Tasting Kitchen. Is this the place near Gjelina? The outside was a madhouse when I passed by on a Friday once....

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                +2 for Wilshire. You enter with a nice bar to the right, then turn left through a dining are with tables and booths, and finally get to the back patio with lovely lights and a dramatic area. Food is very good. Convenient valet parking with the lot right there. South side of Wilshire between 24th and 25th on the mideast side of Santa Monica.

                I love Chinois, too. On the east side of Main Street in lower Santa Monica not far from the ocean. Bold flavors, everything served to share. Great service, Wolfgang Puck's original fusion flagship. Also valet parking in front, bold flavors, great cooking, interesting decor.

              2. Tavern might be a good choice too.

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                  Just don't sit in the atrium if it's crowded. I couldn't hear the people sitting across the table from me....

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                    I've been to Tavern a half dozen times and like it very much, but it's kind of the wrong direction (geographically) for my boss and his wife. Unlike Ilysia, I actually think the bar room is deafeningly loud but haven't minded the volume in the atrium room.

                  2. Chinois, Catch, Capo, Whist, Fig (but it can be noisy), Rustic Canyon (also can be noisy), and then there's so many choices in Brentwood, if you want to venture that way (and why not?!)