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Jan 18, 2013 03:54 PM

Birthday Dinner in Rehoboth

Going to be down in February for a birthday celebration. Want to go somewhere fabulous--both the food and the ambiance is important. The only thing that's a non-starter is stuff like Foie Gras or sweetbreads. The four of us just aren't an offal bunch. Already been to both Cape Henlopen Oyster House and Salt Air so they're also a no-go.

Any other suggestions?

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  1. check out many good eateries in RB; hard to choose just one

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      1. re: Bob W

        You're right. Great website. So many choices.

        Now leaning between Espuma and Lupo di Mare.

      1. We have had good dinners at both Nage and Striper Bites recently. I enjoyed A(muse)as well, but it is very offal-heavy, so I wouldn't consider that one without looking at the menu that day.

        So many wonderful places in that area - wish we had them up here in northern DE!

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        1. re: liddy

          Second A(muse). I don't find it heavy in the offal dept, but it is regularly featured. Lots of other good stuff, and its always interesting.

          Haven't been back to Nage since A(muse) opened, but it is a former favorite.

          I've been to Shorebreak Lodge a couple times and was impressed with the food, but the space isn't wonderful. Plenty of familiar items along with a couple more interesting choices.

          Eden is also wonderful.

          1. re: liddy

            Liddy, I'd sure like to have some of both Northern De & Rehoboth in Dover. It's the state capital for cryin out loud. The choices here stink.

          2. Thanks for the recs. I saw that Espuma has a paella. It's not inexpensive but willing to pay the cost if it's a good value--and tasty of course. Anyone try it?

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            1. re: Misha

              Had it a couple years ago. Billed a Nuevo Paella. Very good, but IMO nothing particularly Nuevo going on with it.

              We had a very good meal there overall.

            2. I don't think you can go wrong with Blue Moon for a special occasion like a birthday. I've had many a great meal there. Was there for New year's Eve, was just terrific. They will treat you right. I also love (a)Muse but another place no one's mentioned yet is Cafe Azafran, also quite good.

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              1. re: boltz2000

                Okay, stumped again. How do you think Cafe Azafran compares to Espuma. Still leaning toward having Paella though was considering Lupo di Mare because my friends are big on Italian. Of course, it is MY birthday :)

                1. re: Misha

                  Had dinner at Azafran in September. While it was good, it isn't in the same league as Espuma. Espuma's dining room is much more elegant, and the food is a little more thought out, composed and sophisticated. If that's not what your looking for Cafe Azafran puts out really solid food in more conventional presentations. (last go round the wife and I ordered multiple tapas, and then split a very serviceable steak). They also offer a breakfast/brunch (at least on weekends), that is one of the best in town IMO. I remember my last chorizo goat cheese omelette fondly and wistfully.