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Jan 18, 2013 01:24 PM

NY Times 36 hours in Durham NC

In case you haven't come across this yet. Of course others could be added to the list but I can't argue with the places she listed.

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  1. Any tips for getting into Dame's? I've tried twice now with no luck.

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      1. re: Janiedoe111

        I've been at lunch and it was half full

        1. re: veganhater

          Even lunch can get slammed. OP, first I don't go near it on the weekends, it's run over by Duke students and after churchgoers goers. Like Cdawg said they take reservations, and obviously weeknights and off-hours are best. Or call ahead and see if they will at least put you on the wait list while you drive over. Lie and say you're Damian's good friend! ;)

        2. re: Janiedoe111

          They do take reservations but NOT for Sundays and on that day at least there is a line well before it opens. There is another location in Greensboro if you are that way and since you posted somewhere else about wanting to do a Staycation. That might be an ideal time to hit it (one in Durham) up ESPECIALLY if the schools are out.

          Do note that it will be noisy. There are some other good brunch options in the area that take reservations.

          1. re: Janiedoe111

            If you're up for a drive, Dame's has opened another location in Greensboro - I wandered in when I was in town and it was half empty.