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Jan 18, 2013 01:07 PM

chunky duck liver pâté? (not mousse)

I had a few bits of a great chunky, livery duck pâté as an amuse at Chez Panisse the other night have been craving more every since. The places I know that have it all do a smooth mousse, which is good too but won't satisfy my craving.

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  1. Pretty sure I've seen it at Ver Brugge

    1. Sidebar on Grand Ave in Oakland (near the Grand Lake theatre) does an amazing hand-chopped duck liver on crostini. Their housemade gravlox is also outstanding, made with lemon vodka (their version is even better than my mother's!).

      Sadly, the salads, entrees and desserts are a level below those two starters - good, but not amazing. But those two starters are as good as anything we've had at Fifth Floor/SF or Boulevard/SF. Worth going there just for those two items and a couple of glasses of wine.

      Be sure to check the little chalkboard (ask the waitress where it is) because they sometimes have some interesting daily specials on it. The waitstaff NEVER remembers to tell customers about them!