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Jan 18, 2013 01:03 PM

St Augustine, FL: Two dinner recommendations please....

Road trip to Miami in 2 weeks.
Will stop overnight in St Augustine on the way to Miami and back.
Considering Columbia Restaurant for one night, I don't about the quality of the food but wine list looks very promising...

Thank you in advance....


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  1. We also stayed in St Aug's on our trip to Fort Lauderdale. We ended up eating at a Spanish Tapas place in the historic part of town. I don't recall the name of the restaurant but there can't be too many there...
    It was a nice evening and we would certainly return again. Decent wine list, interesting food. I would suggest making reservations.
    Safe travels!

      1. South Florida chowhounder checking in on the Florida board! I am going to resurrect this post. I am headed here this weekend and have read the reviews. Are these good choices and am I missing any that should be substituted? I really only care about the food.

        Here is my plan:

        dinner - Harry's (I love cajun food) and Caps On The Water
        lunch - Floridian, Spanish Bakery, and maybe Back 40 Cafe.

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          Thumbs up on both The Floridian (more upscale) and Back 40 (fun and casual; forever grateful to them for the introduction to pineapple in quesadillas!). Went to both for dinner though.

          Really did NOT enjoy the Spanish Bakery. Everything we sampled (bread, sweet-potato empanada, ground beef empanada, lemon cookie) was dry and completely flavor-less. Was really underwhelmed by it all. Maybe we hit them on a bad day.

        2. Try Old City House Inn & Restaurant, 115 Cordova Street. Small restaurant in a B & B, owners from South Africa. Great hospitality and excellent food and beverages.