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Jan 18, 2013 12:48 PM

Budweiser Black Crown

Had an opportunity to taste the new Budweiser Black Crown last night. AB claims it is supposed to be more flavorful, but found it to be one of the most tasteless beers I have every tried. Anyone else out there had a chance to taste this new offering?

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  1. Tried a sample. Found it to be totally unoffensive. I was surprised. First thought was what are they gonna do if bud drinkers start looking for taste?
    On the other hand, it was 10:30 AM and I was a bit hungover.

    1. Had a few sips of this last night. Tasted kind of like a mild stout with that fizziness that all mass-produced beers seem to have. I'm not craving another but it's not the worst beer I've ever had by any means.

      1. I had one the other night and wasn't impressed. Can somebody please tell me the ingredients? Is Black Crown a rice beer?

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        1. re: Wyvern

          It'll get a lot of dissing just because it's an AB-InBev product (something which has become quite a sport among beer nerds). The reality is that Black Crown is neither great nor terrible. I'm not a big fan of the company, but there's no doubt they are beginning to turn out some beers that stand up well next to some "craft" product (even if Black Crown is not one of them).

          As far as rice or corn in the grist, there's nothing wrong with either...they have their place in some beers (some of the best British ales have used corn since the 1800s). The notion that "quality" beer is not made with those grains is nothing but buying into the PR hype put out by the organizations(s) representing small brewers.

          1. re: The Professor

            "there's no doubt they are beginning to turn out some beers that stand up well next to some "craft" product "

            Which beers of InBev's and compared to which craft beers? There's nothing under the InBev umbrella I'd say is comparable to the better craft offerings. Maybe the lower echelon of craft beers perhaps, but nothing InBev puts out is up there with Russian River, Founders, Three Floyds, Hill Farmstead, Cigar City, Bells, Firestone Walker, Alesmith and too many more to name them all here.

            "The notion that "quality" beer is not made with those grains is nothing but buying into the PR hype..."

            Corn and rice can be found in some good beers, but not many and not to the degree they are used by many of the brands under the InBev umbrella.

            1. re: Whisper

              You cited some good examples, though for what it's worth, a couple of them are "lower echelon" in my view. Opinions abound and not all will agree.

              That, after all, is what makes beer watching such an amusing pastime. Even for those of us who have enjoyed "craft" beer from the _very_ beginning, and actually well before that, since there were a number of examples which were every bit "craft" (even though they predated the movement by a decade or more) .

              The new small brewers didn't invent 'good' beer' ...they just made it a LOT easier to find. The big brewers like AB-I may not have caught up to what some of the better crafties are doing, but they _will_ , since tastes are definitely changing. Their challenge will not be to make better beer (they have the ability); their real challenge will be selling it to an audience that has become jaded, predjudiced, and lacking in objectivity.

              The next few years will be interesting indeed. The competition the bigs will be offering will be a good thing for the industry in the long run. Everyone will have to step up their game.

              1. re: The Professor

                I agree, it's going to be interesting to see how things pan out over the next few years. A lot of craft breweries have opened in recent years and at the moment it shows no sign of slowing down. There have been some real gems among those newer breweries, but unfortunately there have been quite a few mediocre to poor ones as well.

              2. re: Whisper

                I agree for the most part on the comparison to craft beers, but would note that Goose Island turns out some top-notch beers, including Bourbon County Stout.

                1. re: Jim Dorsch

                  Good example Jim. Goose Island was acquired by InBev and thankfully they do still put out some nice beers, BCS probably being the best of the lot.

          2. I was given one by a friend and still felt ripped off.