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Jan 18, 2013 11:39 AM

Outstanding Sushi on NoVA?

Hi Looking for suggestions for outstanding sushi in NoVA,omakase would be ideal but really just looking for excellent sushi in NoVa. Preferably with a nice-ish atmosphere to celebrate a friend's birthday.
Thanks in advance

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  1. Although I have been to some passable sushi places in NOVA, I have yet to find one that could be called outstanding. I feel you like you really need to go into DC for that quality of sushi.

    1. Tachibana in McLean and Sushi Yoshi in Vienna are my current faves. I don't believe either offers omakase as part of its standard menu, but I've heard other patrons making arrangements for a future omakase meal so I know that can be had at both restaurants.

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        Second Tachibana. Not as great as Makoto or Sushi Taro, but they won't stick you with a bill for the month's rent either.

      2. I really enjoy Otani in Sterling (also a location in Chantilly). The staff is excellent, the sushi delicious, and there are always Groupons available.

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          I am used by the idea of using a Groupon for omakase.

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              Amused. These stupid computer, they remember every mistake I make.

        2. Ariake in Reston gets good reviews, but I haven't been yet.