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Jan 18, 2013 10:53 AM

Patty and Bun, West End, London

I've sampled just about all of London's current crop of burger outlets but P & B stands out well above the rest - including Meat Liquor, Meat market and Lucky Chip, which I thought were as good as it gets. A recent visit to Burger and Shake left me disappointed. The decor in P & B is cosy but minimal, with exposed brick work and low lighting. I opted for the Ari burger which is bascially a cheeseburger with the option of adding bacon - but wow! The patty was medium rare, thick and juicy with a slight crust, the bun had just the right amount of softness which complimented the pickles and salad which were crisp and fresh. Alongside the burger I had a generous portion of rosemary chips which had a homemade quality about them, and they were delicious, liberally doused in rosemary salt. The bill came in at just under £10 and I've vowed to return to try the rest of the menu as I was so impressed!

Patty and Bun
54 St James St

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  1. Is that James St. (as on their website) or is there another branch on St. James. St.?


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        Thanks... I didn't want to get lost. :-)

    1. Agreed they're probably the best of the outlets. A big plus for my circumstances is that their vegetarian option is unusually good for a central london fast food joint.

      Quite like Tommi's Burger Joint round the corner for the informality, HG walter beef and the range of unlimited sauces on offer.

      £10 for a burger and chips does feel v.wrong.

      1. I thought the burger was very good; on a par with meat liquor (though the last meatliquor I had was not great), and better than the covent garden #meat place with the skinny grey patties... I think the bbq sauce comes quite close to overpowering the beefy taste in the patty and bun offering, but did rate the pickles, salad and bun.

        The bbq chicken wings were terrible. We didn't even finish one portion between two people. Not a patch on the wings from meatliquor.

        Wasn't a fan of the rosemary fries either.

        I think mother flipper is actually doing better burgers than both of these places, though they need to make sure they keep up their consistency as I had a disappointingly under-seasoned burger from there a few weeks back.