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Jan 18, 2013 10:52 AM

Where to eat dinner near Tufts University??

I'm going to the basketball game tonight and was looking for a good place to grab dinner nearby? (Meford area)

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  1. Pescatore is right down the street in Ball Square!

    1. Tufts is close to davis squre, you can search that on this board and there are many places.
      Highland kitchen is good as well as flat bread company in the saco bowl haven. Plenty to chose from cheap to fancy

      1. Moulton's Seafood is very close to Tufts on Winthrop Street in Medford. I like their fisherman's platter and clam chowder. Very fresh seafood.

        1. My hands down fave in the area is Tu Y Yo. It has none of the Davis Sq. pretension it is yummy and tastes like good home cooking (in fact they have an item on the menu that coincidentally uses my grandmas name!)

          Sadly, a lot of my friends that were not raised on mexican food are afraid of it because the menu does not have the standard tex/mex/american version of mexican food. It is so funny they saw that the place does not serve burros and were scared to walk in.

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            I loved tu y yo when it first opened years ago. I was not raised on mexican food, unfortunately, but I have spent years learning techniques and ingredients and I love the real stuff. I mean toasting the dried chiles, then soaking them in hot water, then pureeing them, then straining it. Quite labor intensive but so good!

            after tu y yo got a lot of publicity, the dishes really changed away from spicy to less spicy. it was a huge disappointment for us as we loved the spicy (they even used to make their own chipotles in adobo). We asked a waitress we had become friendly with and she said, "americans don't like the spicy and since we have lots of new customers we've changed a bit."

            I haven't been back in a few years but I so hope they have gone back to their original levels. Yes, the dishes are not at all tex/mex, which is why we loved it. I was never disappointed by the lack of chips and burritos....I recall the sangria as being excellent as well, with cinnamon....

            just wanted to say that there is another gringo point of view!

            1. re: Madrid

              You are right, we noticed that the last time we were there that things were not very spicy. But then again my Ma and I have a high spice tolerance and have yet to find a place that caters to our heat level.
              I wonder if we could request for something hotter for those who can handle it

              Oh yes I forgot to say how yummy the sangrias are.

              1. re: l0b0SKI

                we tried that but since they are using traditional recipes, I think it is difficult to add heat at the end as so many like conchinita pibil are braises or sauces that are "built up" on dried, soaked, cooked chiles combined with stocks or liquid and cooked for a was *really* different some 10 years ago. I was so sad to taste the change.

                I guess it would be possible to add some jalapenos or chipotle or ancho or pasilla chile powder towards the end, but it wouldn't be integrated into the dish as a whole and might taste a bit "raw" if you know what I mean. Or if they still made their own chipotles en adobo, to add some of the puree towards the end.

                But you are right, it is one of the few Boston area places that uses traditional recipes with that as a focus rather than a huge margarita and bar scene and attitude. And that plantain dough turnover with fresh cheese....I am looking for a recipe! I just tried to check the web site to see if they still had it and it wouldn't load, so I don't know. I love those little masa "boats" with the fillings and also loved their rice/black bean combo. And that salad with celery and apple as well.

          2. I haven't been back since new ownership - but I used to LOVE Yoshi's for some sushi...and it was BYOB