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Jan 18, 2013 10:48 AM


Hi, I live on the westside, and was wondering, where can I get the best buffalo wings? Where are your favorite places for great buffalo wings???

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  1. The Slice in Santa Monica on Wilshire and 9th street is authentic and very good. As a wings connoisseur who went to college in Buffalo, I have not come across any place in LA at the Duff's level, but The Slice is very good and I recommend it.

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      The Slice has a second location in Santa Monica, on Ocean Park between 16th and 17th. I agree they sell some of the better buffalo wings in L.A.

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        Is it true Duff's serves wings deep in what is basically a spicy soup.

      2. Mister Fawlty, thank you. I will definitey try the wings at The Slice.

        1. See this older thread:

          Ye Rustic Inn probably has the best buffalo wings in the city, but we just don't really have great wigns here. It's really a shame.

          1. Am I going to be kicked off CH if I admit I like Wing Street (Pizza Hut) wings? Boneless mild? They are like chicken strips with a thick mild buffalo glaze. I love 'em. So much. I'm hanging my head in shame as I type this.