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Nice Restaurants with Vegetarian Menu?

Just looking for some ideas of good/great restaurants that are not vegetarian but offer a complete vegetarian menu? (ie. more than one starter, more than one main that aren't just the regular menu items minus the meat)

Two examples would be Woodlot and the new Daniel Boulud restaurant.


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  1. Cafe Boulud has a vegetarian menu?

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      Yes - one of the four quarters of the menu "Le Potager" is vegetarian.

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        "Le Potager" is not vegetarian. There's definitely ham in the beet salad.

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          You're right - I never noticed that! Odd choice since I believe the translation for Le Potager is "The Vegetable Garden"!

    2. Yours Truly does a veg tasting menu that's well-priced and excellent.

      Vegetarian Haven on Baldwin is full veg, but excellent no matter how you slice it- even carnivores would like it.

      1. Tabule.
        Parts & Labour (informal nibbles)
        Khao San Road

        1. Can confirm Yours Truly is very veg friendly.

          Ursa usually has one of four mains specifically tailored to vegetarians. I was also given the impression before my first visit that it wasn't beyond them to take special requests, I suppose with notice. There was more than one eligible starter on the menu, too.

          1. Banock had some interesting veg choices.

            1. Maybe look at Woodlot? They had a lot of vegetarian dishes or alternates, but it's been a while since I've been.

              1. not exactly a whole menu, but Fabarnak has a vegetarian version of their "square peg" lunch deal.

                1. George does a great vegetarian tasting menu.

                  Two vegetarians I know are always very happy at Origin (King St. location) - not sure I entirely understand that but they are! More of a function of being able to make up a meal out of small plates though, rather than having great vegetarian mains.

                  Don't know if this goes in your category of "nice" but Ethiopia House on Irwin is a great spot for vegetarians (I'm not one but when my wife and I go we just order the vegetarian "one of each kind" platter and it is good).

                  1. Thanks for all the responses. I guess what I was really asking for are examples of restaurants where veg options are neither the primary focus, nor an afterthought - rather a restaurant where both myself (a meat eater) and my wife (a vegetarian) can be presented with a menu with equal thought put into it.

                    George tasting menu is great - and that is a good example. But not every dinner out can be a tasting menu :-)

                    Thanks for the heads up on Yours Truly - looks interesting!

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                      Wasn't there an article about that in the Now a while back?

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                          Thanks - exactly what I was looking for!