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Long Island, Hudson River Valley, New England wineries?

I've recently relocated to the Northeast (Providence area) and I'm interested in visiting wineries within a few hours drive. Does anyone have any favorites from this region? I recall enjoying some wines from Macari and Pellegrini in the past, but it was several years ago. Has anyone visited those wineries recently? Anything interesting being produced in New England? Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. I have no personal experience. Some wineries with a decent reputation.

    New York:

    Hermann J. Wiemer
    Shinn Estate Vineyards

    I wasn't aware of any winery of real interest in New England.

    1. This link can be used to find Massachusetts vineyards:


      The only one I've had experience with is Westport Vineyards, not far from Providence.

      1. Here's a link to websites of various Rhode island vineyards:


        I've can only speak to the Sakonnet Vineyard in Little Compton. We stayed for a weekend and had a tour of the vineyard, a tour through the wine making building and finally a wine-tasting in the tasting room. The guest house was charming with full breakfast included. The tours were informative and fun. The wine tasting was all inclusive. We went home with a mixed case of wines that we enjoyed...


        1. This is site for the list of Vermont vineyards:


          The only one I'm familiar with is the Shelburne Vineyard. Just over the bridge from Ticonderoga, .4 miles from Shelburne.

          1. Millbrook in the Hudson Valley.....owned by John Dyson, who in 1997 purchased the Williams-Selyem Winery in Sonoma County, CA.

            1. Though I've never visited the Wagner Vineyards in Lodi NY I have tasted one of their wines. Namely their Alta B Red. A friend brought us several bottles because he knew it was my mother's name. What better reason?


              1. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. There are quite a few goodies on Long Island. Shinn is my overall favorite, but there are a whole host of others.

                In Little Compton RI is the lovely Sakonnet Vineyards. They make some really tasty wines, and they have a beautiful winery site where you can bring a picnic or book a private party. The place is really worth a visit. I especially like their Vidal Blanc, both still and sparkling, and their Rhode Island Red is a lovely everyday wine.

                Westport makes lovely sparkling wine. not sure if it's in MA or RI, but it's also in a lovely setting.

                The Finger Lakes are rightfully renowned for their Riesling, but lately they're making inroads with other varietals as well.

                1. And for the Fingerlakes, there's http://nywcc.com/

                  It's a great place for a weekend away. Or more...

                  1. There are also a number of wineries in the Hudson Valley: http://www.hudsonvalleywinecountry.org

                    I like Whitecliff.

                    1. Better late than never, I suppose . . .

                      Specific wineries I've liked well enough to actually buy from:

                      Westport Rivers Winery -- seriously good sparkling wines in Massachussetts. (I've actually had them ship wines to me in California.) http://www.westportrivers.com

                      Sakonnet Vineyards -- very good table wines in Rhode Island. http://www.sakonnetwine.com/en_us/hom...

                      I've had some very good wines from both Benmarl Winery (http://benmarl.com) and Millbrook Winery (http://www.millbrookwine.com/index.php) from New York's Hudson Valley.

                      From the Finger Lakes, check out (in alphabetical order):
                      Bully Hill Vineyards -- http://www.bullyhillvineyards.com
                      Dr. Konstantin Frank / Vinifera Wine Cellar -- https://www.drfrankwines.com
                      Fox Run Vineyards -- http://foxrunvineyards.com/index.asp
                      Lamoreaux Landing -- https://lamoreauxwine.com
                      Standing Stone Vineyards -- http://www.standingstonewines.com

                      And from Long Island (again, in alphabetical order):
                      Bedell Cellars -- http://www.bedellcellars.com
                      Duck Walk Vineyard -- http://www.duckwalk.com
                      Palmer Vineyards -- http://www.palmervineyards.com
                      Pellegrini Vineyards -- http://www.pellegrinivineyards.com
                      Pindar Vineyards -- http://www.pindar.net