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Jan 18, 2013 09:05 AM

Do you trust someone else to grocery shop for you?

I'm ill but we're almost out of milk & OJ so I've just convinced my spouse to go to the grocery store with a detailed printed list of 15 items I'd planned to get for menus this week, created using the store's online shopping site (brand, package size and price are all included).

I figure with us aging, grocery shopping and knowing where favorite items are located in the store is a skill that both of us should have.

I'm expecting to get back one bag with OJ & milk and frozen dinners.

Do you share your grocery shopping workload with a friend, spouse, or shopping service? What are the secrets for success?

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  1. I have had success sending someone out for one or two items but I have sent anyone with a whole list. Not even my fiancé. He can make his own list and I can add something specific: Nature's Promise Organic Skim milk 1/2 gallon but otherwise I make lists and do shopping.

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      My experience as well. I do the important, detailed shopping myself. My fiance can do it if I only need garlic, thyme, and Sprite, like today. I'll report back if he manages to mess that one up. :p

      1. re: Kontxesi

        Mexican Sprite? It's the best. Garlic, the wifeacita is very picky about hers.

        1. re: James Cristinian

          No... Diet Sprite. :\ I quit soda a while ago, and then relapsed and started drinking it daily again.... I'm trying to switch to diet and then wean off. I know it's terrible for me.

          He LOVES Mexican coke, though. For taco night, I always grab myself a pineapple Jarritos and him a Mexican coke.

    2. The Khantessa and I split the shopping. We each get a list, go our separate ways in the store, and rendezvous at an assigned point once we're done. Her list features produce, health foods and pet paraphernalia. Mine has everything else.

      This approach saves time, if nothing else.

      1. The only time my wife does the shopping is when she is going to do the cooking (if I'm sick or away on business), so she buys what she wants. Otherwise I usually do all the shopping. I'm picky about brands and such, so it is hard for me to trust anyone else to do the shopping for me.

        1. I have used PeaPod in the past but only for "known" commodities. ie: boxed pasta, deli meat, cereal, milk and other dairy, cannnd goods etc. I never trusted them fruit, veggies, meat and poultry.

          My husband and I both do the regular shopping. However if I am making a special meal I do it myself. He does not not how to substitute fi they don't have a specific item.

          1. NO, I've been disappointed anytime I allowed spouse (current or former) kids or friends to grocery shop, particularly when it comes to choosing meat and poultry.

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              I agree with this. I only trusted my (late) Mom, who was even more discerning than I am.