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Jan 18, 2013 09:02 AM

Getting a Food Truck for Valentines Day

Hey Seattle!

The company I work for in San Francisco has a big ol' crush on another company in Seattle. I was thinking for Valentines day, we'd get them a food truck (or mobile food-'something') that would show up in front of their office at lunch and serve all their employees.

I was recommended to check out Skillets, but the price they quoted me blew them out of the water.

We're looking for something fun, widely appealing, and can feed about 400-500 people.

What is your suggestion for a really fun, V-day gift we can send to our corporate-crush?

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  1. Not sure of their capacity but the Monte Cristo grilled cheese truck is delicious, an interesting take and pretty broadly appealing (not to mention not super expensive). I'm also not sure of their vegan options but they do gluten free for sure.

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    1. re: reiney

      Not bad! Menu looks amazing- I might have to check it out myself. Thanks, Reiney.

    2. I went to a party where they had a Veraci pizza truck. It was pretty fun!

      1. Check out Where Ya At Matt. Delicious New Orleans cuisine especially the po' boys!

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          I tried Jemil's Big Easy today for the first time, and I've got to say, I liked them WAY better than Where Ya At Matt. The fried shrimp po-boy was the best one I've ever had (also the messiest, but it was worth doing laundry for!) They gave us little cups of gumbo while we were waiting in the cold, and it was fabulous. I'll absolutely be going back there!

        2. I like Jemil's Big Easy, Where 'Ya at Matt, Marination, Fusion on the Run... There's a Seattle food truck site that lists all the trucks in the area. It might be a good resource to narrow down what sounds good