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Jan 18, 2013 08:36 AM

Baltimore--the first bistro

In the mid-70s athe first bistro in town opened in a bsement in Mt Vernn Sq. Later it moved up Charles St, butburned down, and the Md Club parking lot now occupies the premisses. Qs:

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  1. Im sorry-somehow my computer did crazy things. Here are my Qs: Was the bistro as good as I remember? What happened to the principals? The Charles St bistro introduced me to Steak frites; since then, only Petit Louis has been comparable, and I do not favor PL--foood is excellent, but the noise and supercilious service always bothers me

    1. You aren't refering to Uncle Charlie's Bistro are you???
      Basement of the Chambord Restaurant which in it's for4mer life was the University Club (U.C.)
      The initialed flatware from the University Club (UC)was used at Uncle Charlies