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Jan 18, 2013 08:12 AM

Singapore - Tapas lunch at Los Primos Taberna y Tapas Bar

Yet another Spanish eatery in the Iberian culinary wave that hit Singapore in the last couple of years. This one was bright, sunny, and served some really well turned out tapas. Had a light lunch today which consisted of:
- Albondigas de carne "Los Primos" - delicious minced beef-pork balls in an intense, tasty tomato sauce;
- Tortilla de patatas classica: beautifully-prepared egg omelette with scalloped potatoes and onions.
- Empanada Gallega: tuna-onion-vegetable pie. This was served cold and was my favorite dish for this meal.

Address details
Los Primos Taberna y Tapas Bar
81 Club St, #01-01
Singapore 069449
Tel: +65 64231773

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  1. I've not tried this place yet, but I hear it's owned by the 2 Italian cousins who own the better known Cugini Italian restaurant 2 shoplots away on Club Street. Apparently, the 2 cousins lived in Valencia for 5 years so they put their expertise in Spanish food to good use here.

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      Ah, that explains it - the newish place. I heard some good things about Cugini from fellow Hound, FourSeasons, Must try it one day.