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Jan 18, 2013 08:08 AM

Sugartooth Bakery (E 5th St)

I just had the best cupcake I've ever had. Then I found out it's vegan.

Worldview shattered.

The cupcake was from Sugartooth Bakery on E 5th. The chocolate cake was moist and toothsome, but still spongy and airy - like a cake (imagine that). And all of it peeled off from the liner easily. The ample chocolate frosting was smooth and rich, not 'sugary.' The chocolate - of course - ganache filling oozed when you sank in. It actually rested in a pocket in the center, like a lava cake.

I had no idea it's vegan until I looked at their website. Simply puts all other cupcakes I've had (including an America's Test Kitchen recipe) - vegan or not - to shame. Whoever the baker is, is a genius. Whenever I hear someone say a dish is a 'revelation' I usually think they're pretentious. But if anything is 'revelatory,' this cupcake must be it.

That is, you didn't know something could taste this way, but you know it's the way it should've always tasted.

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  1. I stopped here based on your post and the personable bakers couldn't figure out what cupcake it was that you had. She remarked "I have been known to fill cupcake with various things". I got the espresso version sans the icing and my SO got the carrot cake. She's not enjoyed any cupcakes at a few other vendors in town but loved these. I agree, just really good quality cake with a pleasing texture, flavor, and moisture.

    But if you remember the name of what you had, let us know.