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Jan 18, 2013 07:48 AM

Sunday Dinner or Sat/Sun Lunch for 30th Birthday

Hello CHers!

I'm turning 30 in a few short days and will be celebrating by playing a concert that day (I am a musician). :P But I will be celebrating the big one with a series of meals and such with my nearest and dearest. My bf has lined a dinner up the next week that is a surprise. My sister and I always do a nice meal for our birthdays and I'm trying to decide between a few options. I don't want her to spend too much on me so I was thinking:

Sunday Supper at PUBLIC
Sunday Suppa at Dovetail
Jean Georges lunch
Bouley on Sat (she is not so keen on this as she will be going here for VDay, but this is a favorite of ours)
The NoMad
Maialino Sunday pasta tasting (will they allow you to swap out listed pastas for others on the menu?)

Any other ideas? Has anyone been to the Sunday Supper/Suppa at either place? We place importance on the food over ambiance and will have to stick to the weekend (Sat/Sun), and the general price range of the above.

Thanks so much!

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  1. A nice leisurely brunch/lunch at Telepan is a neat way to celebrate your birthdays.
    Bon appetit and Happy Birthday!

    1. You have picked excellent options.

      Sunday Supper at Public, several times, always great, incredible value. I would probably push you in that direction.

      But I will add that we absolutely love The NoMad (especially brunch), JG never disappoints and the room is really nice during the day. I agree with not going to Bouley but ONLY because she'll be going soon again (although I discourage anyone from going anywhere for V-Day no matter how great the place is but that's another discussion entirely).

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      1. re: Spiritchaser

        Thank you both for your replies.

        I am considering going back to the NoMad because I really want that chicken again!

        That being said, I haven't been to either Dovetail or Public and am considering trying them out. Spiritchaser, there is one set five-course menu, correct? Do you remember what kinds of things or dishes were presented when you went? I have been searching and have found precious little on it.

        Anyone been to Dovetail SS recently?

        1. re: j.jessica.lee

          Yes, one menu, they have made some substitutions when possible.

          Been to Dovetail several times for dinner, enjoyed it very much, never been for thier SS.

          FYI, NoMad does the chicken in sandwich form for brunch, and it's translates sooooooo well.

          1. re: j.jessica.lee

            They post the Sunday Supper menu on Facebook sometimes.

            Here is tonight's:

            1. Diver scallop crudo with vanilla yuzu dressing, lady apple and toasted buckwheat kernel
            2. Soft poached quail egg with roasted pork shoulder, pickled mustard seed and mangalitsa ham consomme
            3. Smoked duck risotto with crispy sunchoke chips, roasted lemon and parmesan
            4. Steamed Chatham cod with coconut laksa, spaghetti squash and kaffir lime vinaigrette
            5. White chocolate mousse with caramel sauce, candied macadamian nut and coffee foam

            Here is one from late December:

            Tea smoked Atlantic salmon with yellow curry, wokked cabbage and mango puree
            Ricotta cavatelli with citrus burro fuso, pancetta and mint
            Pan roasted cod with toasted pinenut vinaigrette, haricot vert and chorizo broth
            Crispy pork belly with red harissa, pickled mustard seeds and grilled persimmon gremolata
            Orange and ricotta cheesecake with chili salt, blood orange
            and black mission fig puree

            And one from early December:

            1. Maine lobster with red harissa, fresh chickpea hummus and sea urchin vinaigrette

            2. Soft poached quail egg with a lobster jus, crispy vegetable cake and vermouth cream

            3. Charred Tasmanian trout with avocado puree, french breakfast radish and ginger yuzu glaze

            4. Squid ink strozzapreti with mint roncal and lamb merguez ragu

            5. Passionfruit tart with lychee caviar, toasted meringue
            and basil coulis

        2. Hi everyone.

          Thanks for all your help earlier. We had to delay the celebrations for a bit due to scheduling and being out of town, etc. In the meantime, I got engaged (at Blue Hill SB!), so we decided to make it a more festive affair and combine the two celebrations. After much hemming and hawing, I decided to try Craft. I'd never been before and had heard much about it and decided that it might end up being the perfect mix of ambiance, good food, good service, and overall celebratory quality.

          It was great and we all had a wonderful evening. Our server was very nice, although the only service issue we had was waiting an extraordinarily long time for each glass of wine we ordered, three separate times having to flag down someone to see where our wine was. Our wines were by the glass, as we all wanted to try different things. The two I tried, a French burgundy and an exemplary Chateauneuf du Pape, were wonderful. The California Pinot Noir was also great. The wines by the glass (and the wine list in general) is on the pricey side, but they do have some nice choices on there. Other than that, the service was lovely and the room both celebratory and cozy at the same time.

          We ordered:

          Crispy Bacon
          - amazing! As others have said before, bacon is a misleading word for this dish, as it's basically thick, chunky squares of bacon fried to a crisp. It was rich, porky, and deeply soul-satisfying.

          Seared Foie Gras with Gooseberries
          - another winner. It was seared perfectly, great texture, not greasy, and the gooseberries were the perfect foil.

          Arugula Salad (was brought to our table by accident, but they left it there for us to enjoy!)
          - great arugula, I would order it again. The arugula was super peppery and bright, very fresh and snappy, exemplary example of arugula I've had in the U.S. Not overdressed in the least, it was dressed perfectly for my taste.

          Ricotta Cavatelli with Dark Greens
          - this was probably my least favorite dish of the night and the one that two servers raved about. The cavatelli was pan seared and crispy on the outside, but there was no sauce to speak of, and the dish was, therefore, dry and a bit flavorless. I think something must have gone amiss in the kitchen with the plating, because I think it could have been good, but it sadly was not.

          Chestnut Agnolotti
          - now THIS was amazing. My sister and I have both made Thomas Keller's Chestnut Agnolotti with Truffle Sauce quite a few times, and this was another exemplary version. Rich, slightly sweet yet savory, melt in your mouth pockets of pasta in a lovely, rich, yet a bit acidic sauce. It was decadent. I'd get that again in a heartbeat. If my heart is still able to pump after this meal.

          55-day dry-aged sirloin and bone marrow
          - WOW. We ordered it rare plus (between rare and medium rare), and it came exactly as ordered. The meat was tender yet with a bit of that nice chew, great sear on the outside, especially for a rare plus steak. It was a top-notch steak. Next time I might have to try the steak for two....

          Short Ribs
          - I can't say anything about these that hasn't already been written. That being said, IMO there is almost too much hype surrounding them, so maybe it's good to temper expectations. They were delicious for sure, but I think if one goes in with the expectation that it will be a life-changing dish, some people might be disappointed. I still loved them.

          We also order the Potato Gratin to go with our meats and it was really amazing. I was going back and forth between the gratin and the gnocchi, but we decided on gratin as it has a crispy top layer. It did not disappoint and was one of my favorite things of the night.

          We really did it up and I'm a little embarrassed to tell you that we got four desserts for three people, plus a cheese plate. Even more embarrassingly, my sister had the cheese plate and my fiance and I polished off the rest.

          - lovely, but not my favorite. It was pain perdu and done very well, but just not what I wanted for dessert. Our server raved about it, so we got it, but in hindsight, I should have just ordered what I wanted, which was the chocolate souffle. Oh well, I guess I will just have to go back. Poor me.

          - these were just as great as everyone has said. I could have eaten the whole bowl by myself. The dipping sauces were both great and were even better accompanied by...

          6 ICE CREAMS and SORBET
          - we got 5 of the ice creams and a cashew sorbet. All were wonderful, the rum vanilla being especially boozy. Some flavors were better than others, but overall, the ice cream was very, very good.

          BANANA TART
          - this was also lovely, great flavor, although the meringue on top was a tad too sweet for me.

          If that wasn't enough, they brought out a mini chocolate cake with white buttercream and a candle on top for my birthday along with little mini snickerdoodle whoopie pies with the check.

          Yes, we rolled out of there, into a cab, back home, and straight into bed.

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          1. I am very curious to try PUBLIC Sunday Supper and thank you for the encouragement to go. I'll have to make it out there soon. Thanks again to all for your help!