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Jan 18, 2013 07:36 AM

Cocktail accoutrement

Seeking suggestions for somewhere to purchase good quality cocktail accoutrement: shakers, stirrers, glasses, etc.

BevMo and Sur la Table are the obvious choices.

Anywhere else in the county, especially for vintage barware? I'm thinking of somewhere like Bar Keeper in LA (Silverlake).

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  1. I had a cocktail shaker from BevMo but wasn't too happy with it. Lid didn't fit as well as I would have liked and the size and shape was awkward in my hand. I tried several at Crate & Barrel with the same issue. My nephew got me a cocktail shaker for Christmas that has worked for me. He got it off of Amazon. Pottery Barn also has cocktail paraphenalia.

    BevMo is pretty good for glassware, as is Crate & Barrel. Also check out the Macy's home store in Mission Valley (the one where the Macy's cooking school is). And Amazon has a ton of glassware options. It helps to know what you're looking for so you can sift through all the options.

    For the vintage stuff try eBay.

    1. Not vintage, but Great News may have some stuff:

      1. SD restaurant supply. It'll be way cheaper too than Sur la Table, Bevmo or Great News.

        1. The Costco Business Center has some items for a professional bar, and a variety of better glassware via the 'Business Delivery' section of

          (I searched for bar and cocktail- glassware at bottom of the link)

          1. I've found some great cocktail motif from thrift shops around town...shaker sets from the 30-40's that are so well made and the wheeled cocktail carts too.

            Bar Keeper has some great vintage glassware and shakers, could make it a hipster day of it in Silverlake.