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Jan 18, 2013 07:34 AM

Sunday night football

NY hound headed to south beach for the weekend. Big PAts fan (don't hold it against me). Already have a number of good looking things lined up ( but feel free to criticize or substitute - Bianca, red and bazaar), but really looking for the right place to watch football Sunday night. Problem is, without knowing the places, whether we can really watch the game versus just having it on in the background. Concierge suggested shula's but I may be tempted just to order in room service. Any advice?

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  1. Shula's would be an ok call if you don't mind watching in near solitude. If it is a nice night I would recommend Shucker's. To me, there is no better place to watch football. The food is maybe one step above bar food. However, the place it on the water (kind of an indoor/outdoor setting) has 30+ TVs, great beers and drinks, etc. Based on the other high-end restaurants on your list, this is several steps down in terms of food quality and service. But it could be just what you're looking for. In terms of better restaurants that would be showing the game: Pubbelly sushi (I know they show the games and I think the other 4 must too, but I'm not positive about the other ones) Prime Italian, Sylvano's, Clarke's, Burger and Beer, Joe's Stone Crab (if you eat in the bar area -- actually a great call too). To be clear -- except for Shuckers, my other recommendations would pretty much just have the game on in the background. On a Sunday night, you could probably get a table right in front of a TV, but most of the other customers would just be watching as background and not getting into the game.

    1. If you don't mind going north a bit, you could go to a real "Sports Bar" rather than a restaurant or bar that happens to have some tv's.

      One such option would be Duffy's Sports Grill in North Miami Beach.

      It's a nice location, on the water, and there should be plenty of real football fans, many in team jerseys etc, interested in and watching the game.

      You'll find dozens and dozens of HDTV's here including several huge projections. They should also have the sound on since it's THE big game at that time.

      I have not been to Shuckers so I cannot speak to that. It could be just as good, or better, and much closer. And there could be many other, better, closer options. I'm just giving the one I happen to know about...

      1. Pats fan here in Miami...
        Love watching games at Clevelander and at The Playwright Irish Pub. Since there are only two games any bar on South Beach should have them on. Shucker's is awesome but it'll be a $20-30 cab from South Beach.

        I don't want you to be second guessing but I would put Prime 112 and BLT over Red. I'd put Bourbon Steak above all three but that's way up in Aventura. People all have their favs but if you want a true Miami vibe P112 and BLT all the way (might also look into the Forge)....

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          Clevelander would be a good call and you're right about the expensive cab to Shuckers. If transportation were not an issue I would pick Shuckers over Clevelander for pure game-watching. Clevelander could add a fun outdoor club/South Beach element though if that interests you.

          I would put BLT over Red and Bourbon Steak above all others mentioned too. I was at Prime 112 this week for the first time in a year or two. While the scene is impossible to beat, I found the food to be barely passable. Further, it is SO expensive.

        2. I would much rather do pubbelly steak and sardinia over bianca and red. Not even close. If you want to go fancier then I would do 1500 degrees and Scarpetta.

          Watch the games at lucky strike or foxhole. Don't bother leaving south beach. Both these places are great to watch the game. Much better than your room. Your concierge is an idiot by the way.

          Don't do Prime 112. BLT steak is very good but 1500 degrees and pubbelly steak are better.

          Edit, you should also consider the Dutch.

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          1. re: tpigeon

            Lucky Strike is a very good call for the game.

            1. re: BigBonesBradley

              Thanks for all the great stuff. I am incredibly embarrassed - though - to report that we are staying at the Canyon Ranch (I was not watching the ball at all, my charming bride was). Northe Beach? So, it seems like that long cab ride to Shuckers is only 7 minutes - sounds perfect. And the fact that the concierge was clueless is not a surprise (maybe watching NFL games is not their forte, so to speak). Its probably too late to move off Bianca, since its in 15 minutes, but given our geographically challenged location, what is the consensus on red? Nobody seemed to have a problem with Bazaar (I had an absolutely incredible meal there in LA), so that seems OK. Its great to see opinions on steakhouses - in NYC, we have so many overrated places, listening to this board means a lot. So, I guess the options to upgrade over Red are Prime 112, Pubbelly, BLT, Bourbon Steak. I need a good steak to offset the yoga, pilates and spinning I am going to be doing all day long. Help me.........

              1. re: BillyBob

                I'm not a big steakhouse fan but I'm a big fan of Bourbon Steak. Since you're in North Beach not South Beach, it's actually not much longer of a cab ride than Red would be (BLT Steak is about 5 miles, Red is about 6 1/2, Bourbon Steak would be about 8 1/2). Like the others, I definitely put Bourbon over the other local steakhouses.

                You might be interested in the new Pubbelly steakhouse ("PB Steak"), which literally just opened up the past week or so. I haven't tried it yet.

                Or if you want to stay closer to your home base and have more of a local experience, go to Las Vacas Gordas, an Argentine parrillada which is close by on 71st Street. The service can be a bit surly, but the steaks are gigantic and well-grilled.

                Bazaar is excellent and the menu is somewhat different from L.A.

                There have been a couple chef changes since I've been, but believe it or not I've actually had good meals at the Canyon Ranch restaurant.

                1. re: Frodnesor

                  We have had lunch here at canyon ranch two days running and each meal has been superb (and virtuous). Everything was cooked perfectly and seasoned well, which is obviously important if you aren't using fat or much salt. Lamb gyro, artichoke fries (baked but tasty), spicy shrimp pita, all really good. Nice to balance it out with the monster slab o 'beef I might order tonight. Will try to check out bourbon steak instead of red. Thanks for the tips.

                  1. re: BillyBob

                    You should absolutely do Bourbon Steak instead of Red. I might say that even if you were in south beach.

                2. re: BillyBob

                  Then I have to apologize to the concierge. I thought you were staying in south beach. The shulas rec makes much more sense given where you are.

            2. I would watch the game at Lucky Strike over Shucker's. The wings are great at Shucker's but LS has huge TV's with some models sprinkled in...

              I concur with the Bourbon Steak and Dutch recs