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Jan 18, 2013 07:05 AM

One Lunch and one dinner in Paris

Hi All,

Fairly new to the board as a poster. I have a business conference in Barcelona and Lisbon with a co-worker and as part of our flight arrangements we've engineered a 24 hour lay-over in Paris before returning to Atlanta.

Our company booked us in the 17th, at the Hotel Concorde La Fayette.

I visited Paris once as a teenager (I'm 43 now) and had an amazing time, but I was visiting family that lived in Torcy, and so it was a guided tour type of a trip. My co-worker has never been to Paris. Neither one of us speak French. We are both foodies, which is to say there isn't anything we wouldn't try or eat.

For lunch we were hoping to eat cheese, bread, and to drink wine and beer.

For dinner maybe a modest tasting menu or fixed menu (is less than 100E pp with wine asking a lot?). We would like to eat French food. We also wouldn't mind cabbing it from the hotel to somewhere else, I understand the 17th is a little out there. Lastly, we would like to not have to wear jacket and tie since work will finally be over for us. Business casual ok? Jeans with a shirt and a nice sweater would be ideal.

What is a good reservation time in Paris? In Spain our earliest will be 9PM. Is it similar in Paris?

Thank you!

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  1. My go-to place in the area of the Congress Centre is Gilles Choukroun's 7.0 MBC, 4, rue du Debarcadere in the 17th,, closed Saturday noon and Sundays.

    1. You didn't mention which days of the week you will be in Paris. That will have something to do with availability of choices for you.

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        My apologies. All that talk and I forgot the day. We arrive at CDG Friday the 8th at 11 and leave Sat. the 9th also at 11.

        So lunch and dinner for Friday the 8th.

        1. re: Michael1234

          For dinner, I'm a big big fan of Caïus on the rue d'Armaillé in the 17th... just a 10-min walk from your hotel... and yes, 9pm on a Fri night is peak time so rezzies are a bit difficult then

          For lunch, Caïus also has a tiny wine bar annex across the street but the nosh is a little more elaborate than plates of cheese and charcuterie. I'd wander into central Paris to play tourist/ sightseer and make do with a bar à vins/wine bar in one or other of the tourist zones i.e. Le Rubis on the rue du Marché St Honoré... walkable from the Louvre, the tiny and very picturesque Bar de l'Entr'acte on the rue Montpensier (difficult to find) near the Palais Royal... walkable from Louvre, the anglophone Juvéniles on the rue Richelieu near the Palais Royal... walkable from the Louvre, Le Boudoir on the rue Colisée... walkable from the Champs Elysées (but I hope you don't waste your short time in Paris by strolling down the Champs Elysées), Café de la Nouvelle Mairie on the rue Fossés St-Jacques near the Panthéon in the Latin Quarter, la Cave des Abbesses on the rue Abbesses in Montmartre... walkable from Sacré Coeur and its very pesty souvenir hawkers, etc etc

          1. re: Parnassien

            Thanks very much! We booked Caius for 8:30 on Friday night.

            I promise, we will not spend our one day/night in Paris strolling the Champs Elysees. I might catch a glimpse and photo of it before stumbling back to the hotel since its nearby, but ideally we want to check in and then check out of the 17th and have lunch near lle de cite or as close to the center as possible. When I was there as a teen I loved Montmartre, but I don't think we will have time to get there or to do any of the other tourist sites. Instead we want to just stroll the city, people watch and eat with the one day we have.

            1. re: Michael1234

              Great! I LOVE Caïus. And let us know how Paris treated you during your one-night stand. :)

      2. We love Maceo for dinner (tho they're also open for lunch) and their menu would fit your budget nicely (as would your pressed jeans (no sneakers!) with shirt and sweater. They're in the 1er behind the Palais Royale.