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Jan 18, 2013 06:37 AM

Poutine Truck? - Yonkers

I was driving north on Central Avenue past the Yonkers library, and I swear I saw a "Poutine King" truck parked along the side of the road. Was I hallucinating this?

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  1. Very interesting. According to Google, it does exist. Looks like it started in L.A. The domain name is for sale. Maybe we'll drive by today to see if you were hallucinating. ;) If it's there, I hope it's good: Properly-cooked fries, decent gravy, and high-quality cheese curds (as opposed to "cheez").

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    1. re: foodiemom10583

      Definitely - if you happen to drive by that spot, let me know what you see!

      1. re: scarsdalesurprise

        Rest assured, you are perfectly sane.

        It was there between Will Library and Andrus Park. We ordered a (nontraditional) shredded chicken poutine, a regular poutine, and a beef croquette.

        The fries were fried to well-done so they could stand up to being soaked in gravy and cheese. They did and some of the edges were still crispy. According to the menu, they use real cheese curds. They were beautifully melted and very buttery. The gravy was fine, probably commercial, but good enough with a mildly beefy taste. The chicken was superfluous for me, but hubby inhaled it all. The croquette was pretty substantial and covered with gravy. It wasn't overly seasoned and was a bit meatloafy.

        This is hibernation food. You'll eat this and want to sleep until the thaw. The Canadians who invented this probably had that in mind. This is also the kind of food that would work well with copious amounts of Moosehead or the like.

        1. re: foodiemom10583

          Thanks for the thorough review and photos, foodiemom! I am going to give this a try over the weekend. Maybe we will begin getting some more interesting food truck options in the area.

          1. re: scarsdalesurprise

            My pleasure, Scarsdalesurprise! Thanks for the head's up! Always looking for something new and interesting. It's like a food scavenger hunt.

            1. re: foodiemom10583

              Sadly the pics look like the cheese curds were microwaved or otherwise overheated. the curds shouldn't be all melted.

              1. re: JMF

                Just to confirm my previous assertion, we went back to Poutine King again today. The fries were fried to order, then covered with cheese curds and finished off with hot gravy. Not a microwave in sight. I wish questions had been asked rather than assumptions made on the cooking process based on my lousy photos. I have no doubt that Chowdom would have done an infinitely better job with these photos than I did.

                1. re: JMF

                  Fries cooked to order, so hot the cheese curds squeak BEFORE you bite into them.

            2. re: foodiemom10583

              Most important thing to see if it is real poutine. Did the cheese curds squeak when you bit into them?

              1. re: JMF

                We did not eat them on-site. Those photos were taken after they sat in a closed container for 20 minutes so we could eat at home rather than on the side of the road. The fries had just been fried, so there was substantial residual heat in the container. The curds were melted by that.

                Because they were completely melted, there was no squeaking. However, given their appearance, they were obviously curds from a high-moisture cheese (maybe mozzarella) as they leached some liquid in melting. Also, they were advertised as "cheese curds" on the menu.

                Lastly, they were from a food truck in Yonkers. It wasn't Ashton's or Monsieur Poutine. It was a comforting, inexpensive lunch of something we usually only get in Canada. Our summer home is an hour from the Canadian border and we often drive in for a poutine lunch on a chilly day. No need to nitpick the truck's version as far as I'm concerned.

              2. re: foodiemom10583

                Moosehead!! We have better beer than that!!

                1. re: CanadaGirl

                  Sorry! I've only had experience with that, Molson, and Labatts. Which Canadian beer goes best with poutine?

                  1. re: foodiemom10583

                    It's okay ;) I prefer more flavourful beer than that, but they will cut through the poutine just fine.

                    I tend not to like the big brewery beers that get exported. But, they are very popular (heck, I live in a city with a major hockey team called the "Mooseheads"!).

                    1. re: CanadaGirl

                      I have a soft spot for Moosehead. It was the first beer I actually enjoyed. The husband loves more robust, complex, microbrewed beers.

                      Going to Google the "Mooseheads!"

          2. my prayers have been answered. i'll be trekking down from Mahopac for this

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                  1. re: foodiemom10583

                    It sure is! Drove there after work today and it was so worth the extra few minutes in the cold! Tommy, the owner - what a nice guy. He's really bringing a bit of Canada to the YO! This is the real deal. Absolutely delicious and made to order Canadian yumminess! Tommy cuts the potatoes fresh for each order and imports the cheese curds too. (and yes, I heard a squeak as I tasted some of the unmelted ones!) Looking forward to trying it with shredded chicken next time. My waistline is in serious trouble!

                    Please go and support the Poutine King! What an awesome food truck!

            1. Just had the regular poutine and it was great!

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              1. I need to stop eating here, seriously. In the past two weeks I have gotten the chicken croquette with poutine three times. The key is to eat it right then and there in your car before the curds melt all the way.

                The owner is so nice and will demonstrate the potato cutter if it's not too busy. His wife makes the croquettes. Maybe Andrus Park can host more food trucks especially in the summer. But I'd still drive just for the poutine.

                1. Has the Poutine truck relocated? First tried it 4-6 weeks ago when he was in the parking lot of Andrus Field right near the library on Central Ave. Passed by a few times since and haven't seen the truck there.

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                  1. re: varsitysg

                    I think that due to the heat he is traveling to events and to pre-set locations for lunch. Expect him to be back once it cools down a bit.