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Jan 18, 2013 06:07 AM

Best of Key West

Heading to Key West for a bachelor party. Looking for ideas for "the" dinner. Looking for something with a nice wine list, good cocktails and fat steaks or dynamite seafood. Will need four great dinner spots and a few lunch ideas as well. Thanks Chowhounders, love you all!

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  1. I'm not sure how many there are going to be of you so here are a few ideas I'll throw out.

    Nice Dinners
    7 Fish - but its small and you'll need reservations

    Pisces - Seafood, french inspired, wine. We enjoy it. It's friendly not stuffy but very good food. Reservations required

    A & B Lobster house. While we missed going to this one on our last trip it has been recommended many times over and looks wonderful.

    Black Fin Bistro - Great Steaks and FIsh. There is an outside area too that is nice in great weather.

    Lunch Ideas

    Paseo's (Caribbean) - little place with big flavors, counter service. Try the grilled corn

    Garbo's Grill food stand. Great fish tacos and shrimp burritos for a quick grab

    Dante's grill and pool more so for the atmosphere but drinks are good and it's a good time.

    The Porch - Craft Beer Bar, it's small but a great little place

    1. Best steakhouse in Key West is Michaels
      You can sit outside in the garden area - its not as fancy as inside but the best steak you will find in Key West

      1. 7 Fish for sure
        Louies Backyard for lunch - great view and good food

        I'd skip A & B lobster - musty smell downstairs and the view up top does not justify the prices

        Lunch at My Blue Heaven (complete with live chickens) will be a conversation piece