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Jan 18, 2013 05:08 AM

Manhattan Bar with Appetizers

Having a business meeting in Manhattan around 6 pm. Looking for somewhere to have drinks and some appetizers/snacks, not a full meal.

Any recommendations?

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  1. There is a bar at Abigael's, no? I haven't been there but I guess Ladino Grill fits the bill.

    This post makes me sad for the loss of Clubhouse.

    1. Prime at the Bentley is nice, quieter than Ladino if you want to talk.

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        I think Prime will work perfectly. Thanks

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            Jezebel's louder, both in terms of noise level and flashiness. Prime at the Bentley is more buttoned-down. Either could work, depending on what sort of business meeting it is.

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                You'll have it (effectively) to yourself at that hour on a weeknight. It fills by 8 or 9pm.

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                So I went last Thursday, and when I got there I asked for the food menu, and was told they had to check with the manager. They came back and stated that they no longer serve food at the bar.
                I did have a concern about this, as when I had gone to their website earlier in the day to refresh my memory on the bar menu, it was no longer there.
                I indicated to the waiter that when I had specifically made arrangements to have my business meeting there, the bar food menu was the key reason. I also indicated that I was not looking for anything fancy, just something to eat. He came back and said he talked to the manager, and gave us a copy of the regular menu.
                It was great that they ended up accommodating us, and I had the lamb burger, which was very good, tasty, and moist. My colleague had the salmon, which he enjoyed.
                However, it does appear that they are no longer serving food in the downstairs bar/lobby area.