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Jan 18, 2013 02:52 AM

1 week in vegas (researched)

All of the past reviews have been so helpful. Maybe caused a little extra time in front of the monitor looking at menus but I was very happy to spend the time. Ill be having my Honeymoon in Vegas this summer and was hoping to get some honest and if needed brutal feed back on my loose meal plan. Only one show booked so far but we plan on having one every night. Maybe that will force us to eat earlier then planned.

OK so here we go!

Monday: Fly in from Portland. Check in at the MGM, Javier's then to Love @ mirage

Tuesday: LoS, DOCG

Wednesday: Bouchon, Raku

Thursday: Milos, Nob Hill

Friday: Open, Sage for early evening menu.

Saturday: Burger Bar, Twist

Sunday: Open, Charlie Palmers

Monday: Fly home.

I'm a huge beer fan I spend most of my free time looking for new beers and writing notes on them as I enjoy them. So ill have to fit in Public house a few times to see if it is as good as it reads.

My soon to be wife is not even a little bit of a foodie.So that will maybe have some of these dropped to accommodate her In-n-out burger cravings. (none in Oregon) I'm also hoping to keep all dinners under $200 with drinks.

I'm also looking for a complete over the top gourmet burger. Quinn's off the menu burger in Seattle is my perfect example of what I am looking for.

Thank you so much for any and all responses.


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  1. First, a scheduling tweak may need to be made - Charlie Palmer is not open on Sunday evenings, so you may want to switch out with one of he other dinner choices.

    Unfortunately, since Daniel Boulud left the Wynn perhaps the best "over the top" burger is gone, but here is a pretty comprehensive blog that does a nice job of breaking down the Las Vegas burger market -

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      I've heard the Rossini burger at Burger Bar described as "over the top"... if you're willing to part with $60 for a hamburger with truffles and foie gras.

      1. re: QAW

        Ok thank you. I'll do some swapping. Thanks for the site. and yes that's right of my alley for a foie burger.

      2. I might try to swap (or add, it's that good) Bouchon for a weekend and have the brunch. Bigger menu and the chicken and waffles is to die for. I'd also suggest maybe eating after the show a few nights to let you not have to rush/have a really early dinner every night.

        Also Todd English's PUB had, at least to my eye, a pretty extensive beer menu and some pretty delicious sliders - not over the top but perfectly cooked and seasoned.

        1. Look up the Nevada brewing guild for beer options.