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Jan 18, 2013 12:38 AM

ISO of stone bowls for bibimbap

I am looking forward to making bibimbap and would love to achieve the crispy rice at the bottom from a stone bowl. I am not sure if I saw stone bowls at H-mart but would love to know where I can purchase these at an affordable price.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. H Mart definitely has them. You can try one of the smaller Korean grocers eg Kim's.

      1. Yep, H-Mart and the usual Korean stores. I think I bought mine a loooong time ago at Hyundai Oriental Food Market on Kingsway. They're great for personal-size Asian stews too! Keeps it nice 'n hot at the dinner table.

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          Maybe in a pinch, a large Indian/SE Asian stone pestle might work too :-)

        2. Had to share.

          Cutest video including bibimbap on youtube ever.

          Sorry, every time someone mentions this dish, its now all I can think of. Also a good guide on how to make and assemble, but the treat is at the end when the little girl eats it. So cute!

          Hope you found your bowls!

          1. This place in Chinatown has all sorts of great kitchen gear at great prices. The stone bowls go for under 20$ I think.