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Jan 18, 2013 12:31 AM

spare the air

Today is our 5th 'spare the air' day this winter. Wood burning is prohibited in both residences and businesses.

I've had this question for a while: what do our fine wood-fired pizza places do on these days? I presume they flew under the radar for many years, but the current media articles make it sound like enforcement is more vigorous now.

So I suppose you would make sure that your wood-burning pizza oven also has a gas-only option. And, from the chowhound point of view, it would make it interesting to compare the gas-fired pizza on Thursday with the (hopefully) wood-fired on Friday at the same establishment. Any data or thoughts?


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  1. Wood burning ovens and BBQ's are permitted on Spare the Air days.

    1. Civil bear is correct, the citizens can freeze but the fennel, raddichio, raspberry compote wood fired pizza (with sea urchin foam) must not be hindered,. Selah!

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      1. re: Andrew H

        Nobody has to freeze, if your only source of heat is wood you're exempt.

        1. re: Andrew H

          If you want to get warm just fire up Weber and throw on a couple of eggplants. You'll get toasty along with some outstanding baba ganoush to boot!