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Jan 17, 2013 11:49 PM

Live Crab Prices-What's the latest?

Anybody bought a crab lately? What's the lowdown on prices on Clement? Piers? Half Moon Bay?

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  1. A friend saw it earlier today for $3.29/lb in San Jose

    1. On Wed., a market (Wong Kee?) in Oakland Chinatown had a sign for $3.99/lb. No idea how they looked b/c I couldn't get into their lot.

      1. Sunday we bought some live ones from Ranch 99 for $3.99.

        1. Currently $3.99 at 99Ranch. Tanks are full. Crabs are Big. Life is good!

          1. R99 in Daly City just received a crateload of crabs around 2pm Monday. All lively. The guy unloading them couldn't fit them all in.