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Jan 17, 2013 10:31 PM

Ai Fiori or Megu Tribeca?

I've invited a friend for a RW meal, a belated birthday celebration.
I have reservations for lunch at Ai Fiori or dinner at Megu. I have not been to either.
Would welcome all suggestions on these or any others. Thanks to all.

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  1. I have not been to Megu but I completely enjoy Ai Fiori, seriously good food, BUT the RW menu doesn't really jump out at me (except the skate wing). I don't think you would ever get a BAD dish at AF but I don't know if the RW will be their best.

    1. Megu was very touristy. A beautiful vast impressive-looking place with a 350-pound ice buddha sadly melting from the heat of nearby flames, gorgeous presentation, snooty waiters, big bill, and the food is meh!

      1. Al Fiori is Italian food, Megu is Japanese food. So the food is hard to compare. Megu is a far more beautiful place than Al Fiori. Al Fiori has a cold business atmosphere. The food at Al Fiori is better than the food at Megu ( i guess I just compared , lol)
        The cooked food at Megu is better than the sushi, even though they are famous for the sushi. They will not let you order a few pieces of sashimi. Last time I was at Megu I wanted 4 pieces of hamachi sashimi and they said I had to order a "full order" for $80. The bar at Megu is fantastic. The neighborhood for Megu is better, I'm prejudiced on that, because Tribeca is my neighborhood. I find the service at Megu not as stiff as that of Al Fiori.
        I would suggest you try Jungsik for a great meal.
        I also suggest Jean-Georges.

        1. Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. As you say, both the Ai Fiori RW menu and Megu food sound like they could be better. Jungsik is great to know about but pricey for this occasion and I read the recent post on Jean Georges lunch prices.
          Any other leads for a good RW meal? I had read the RW thread, which is how I knew about Ai Fiori.
          Thanks to all.

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            How much are you willing to pay? You might do better doing a regular prix fixe lunch (outside of Restaurant Week, when it will be potentially less crowded).


          2. Thank you, kathryn. I guess not much more than about $5 over RW prices. A dinner would be ideal because most of the point is to have an evening together, and for that I would hope to stick near the RW price.
            Truthfully, this friend is much more easily pleased by food than I am, so it doesn't need to be the best meal in town, but someplace nice and fun with good food would be great. And it is already a very belated birthday meal, so yes, it could wait.