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Jan 17, 2013 10:14 PM

Cajun/New Orleans Groceries?

I was wondering if there is a grocery store or shop in NYC that carries products from New Orleans like Cafe du Monde beignet mix or their coffee & chicory. I live in Brooklyn I have yet to find anything besides ordering products straight their online site. But I want to make sure there is no other alternative, first.

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  1. You can find the coffee in a lot of grocery stores. See previous thread:

    Not sure about the beignet mix.

    1. I have yet to find a one-stop shop for Louisiana cooking. Cafe du Monde is available in a lot of places, as Kathryn notes. Vietnamese markets seem to stock more than a few Cajun goods like crab boil, crawfish and the like, but I have yet to find boudin up here.

      1. Cafe du Monde coffee is available in many markets including Whole Foods in Manhattan. However, it is also available in many grocery stores in Chinatown at 30% less than the supermarkets.

        If you are really looking to stock up on cajun goods, order from as they have a great variety.

        1. i'd also recommend trying i get my central grocery olive salad from them. good deals and huge selection.